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Understanding the Technology Paradox

Most people have computers in today’s modern society. What most people don’t have is the supplies for creating art. I mean that artists canvas’s and oil paints are expensive and hard to use. If you had a blank canvas would you know what to do with it? What about a blank page? Would you have any idea what to write, or how to say it?

The television has made people want to consume without regard for what is good, or even best. The idea most people have about technology for many years has been that it was going to give us the dream life. Instead people don’t see potential, they see technology and that scares them. It’s sad that people don’t see that blank page as potential. Having a computer is like having an unlimited number of blank pages for you to write upon. The only thing that you have to have is the desire and build your skills to learn how to write. Or Draw, or take photographs, or paint.

What about Creating?

I was talking with my mom about this blog post and she was saying that people wouldn’t even know what to do with a blank canvas these days. As if people’s minds are so dead that they can not think about the possibilities anymore.

The mind set that the television set has left you with is that you have to be a passive consumer that eats every junk food bite they try to feed you and you never get to create your own food.

It’s like being in hells kitchen where you sit at a table and the chef is the devil and you have to eat everything he serves up. That’s television for you.

The point about technology is that you have to put something into it to get something out of it. If you write then you get something back out of it in the end.

If you use a computer for photography then your putting images in all the time and getting finished results back out of it.

A new frame of mind!!!!

Somehow the television has blinded their minds that they could eat more than mindless crap. It’s like they have been staring at the sun and now they are blind and stupid.

If you are not able to use a computer then please pick up paint brushes and canvas, but I assure you we are not going back to typewriters. But everyone should have pen and paper, so what’s your excuse for not writing?

It seems everyone has a computer these days, but people don’t see the blank page, or the canvas of which to create upon. I know you fear change and hate what you don’t understand, but please try to create something. If the book you want to read hasn’t been written, then you have to write it yourself. The point is to do more with your life. Use the tools you have and do something great!

Get busy on that computer and cook your own dish. Then serve it up and enjoy it. It’s better than eating mindless shit that is served from hell’s kitchen.

Too many people see technology and get scared that they don’t know how to use it, the problem isn’t the interface, but their mindset. To change people’s mindset they need a helping hand to show them what they can do with it. Technology isn’t ugly, it’s come a long ways to becoming something beautiful, the problem is that people fear change and fear ever putting anything into the box.

Reach That Goal

Technology isn’t the end goal, it’s only the means to the end goal. The point is that people have tools to create with that they control and use to their own ends. What they do with it is up to them. Impress me and do something really cool. Turn your television off and start doing something productive. I know you can do it. Stop eating everything the media serves up, start to be a picky eater.

The Ultimate Selfie


It’s the year twenty eighteen. The world is in chaos, people aren’t able to make ends meet, they can not agree on what to eat for supper much less who should be president. Everyone is an expert, which basically means that everyone has reduced all the possibilities to such a narrow ledge they are all about to fall off a cliff and never question why.

Everyone wants equal rights, without equal work or effort. Everyone wants to be special without actually being special. Everyone is so sensitive that a cross look and someone might kill themselves.

I would like to put a stop to this madness. I would like the whole fucking farce to end. I want it to end like a long drop with a sudden stop. My favorite fashion designer killed herself today, leaving a note. What about the rest of us? We’re left here to try and make the world a better place and pick up the pieces in ways that no one will understand.

Can You Understand Me?

Most of these people that rely upon government, or religion, or some other crutch of booze and drugs are but children. Like very spoiled bratty children that are all control freaks and want everyone to address them as queen bee.

Most of them couldn’t do half of what I have in the last twenty years and still be breathing with a pulse. You know everyone hates narcissists, they don’t really know why, but i do.. Most of them are destructive and only care about themselves, using cruel methods of lies and false flattery to gain temporary gains that will wear out in two weeks and fall flat only to prey upon another victim with just as cruel tactics.

I want to talk about another kind of narcissist. Those who are self respecting people that care deeply about themselves and others. Those who don’t judge people and show everyone the same amount of respect until the person actually does something deserving of having lost their respect.

There are some rare breeds in this world. There are a few that are one in a hundred, then there are the ones that are one in ten thousand.

I want to tell a story. Something that if everyone had life would be simpler. Something everyone wishes they had. This is my story.

Chapter One
By the way…

Sitting on the beach with my wife in the beautiful Caribbean with the perfect sea and the scent of tropics in the air. The beach is deserted, it’s just us.

“Amber, should we take a swim?” I ask her without looking up from the view before me. “Oh I guess we could swim, would it be more fun with some heavy weights so we can dive deeper?” She asks looking down at me as if i what i was seeing was heaven whispering in my ears that it was time to play.

We suit up in the wet suits and put ten pounds on the belt so we can dive to twenty feet. We swim for half an hour before reaching the point where we can dive down. “I’m bonkers for you, you know that right?” “Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way..”

Sometimes when we talk we get lost in who said what, sometimes it’s like talking with yourself in just thinking a thought and knowing the answer. As we both know everything that each other knows already there are no secrets from ourselves. There would be no way to keep a secret from ourselves. You tell one of us anything and we both know it. Instantly. This can be very useful when dealing with non-native people who don’t know us.

Just Being

Technically we are one person, it just happens to be that we share two bodies in which we are married to each other. I’m the guy and amber is the girl. Alex and Amber. Two of a kind.

We swim out and dive down deep. She chases me down, and i hold my breath while she takes photos of us swimming like dolphins. It’s great. You couldn’t beat it with selfie stick and a thousand dives in your world.

We swim back to the shore and dry off. Clothes are sticky, it’s better to be naked under those wet suits. Less rub and rashes. We spend the better half of the afternoon just watching the view. We have no special place to be, nothing special to be doing. The real fun will be tonight anyways.

Time passes. . .

You have to wonder what it would be like? To be both a boy and a girl in two bodies with one self awareness. To be married to each other and have adventures that no one would ever understand but each other. To have a secret between the two of us that never leaves our minds. To be playful and fun, without being a stick in the mud. If we both feel the same, whatever were doing is always perfect because that is what were doing right then.

Feeling playful, have fun and play. Feeling down today, take a day off. Cycles come and go. It’s more fun than being alone when there is two of you. Being male and female simultaneously has it’s perks. But that’s not the part you wouldn’t believe. Try touching your hand with your hand. It’s like nothing you have ever known.


I suggest you spend the next half an hour fantasizing about what it could be like. I leave the rest to your imagination.

Free Advice

Self Care

This is a brief introduction on how to be happy without really feeling fulfilled. I would like to write the book on how to be both happy and fulfilled but since I have not experienced both I can only write about the former.

Life consists of a few basic parts to each day. There are the moments when you awaken from sleep and prepare to face the day. Then comes the bulk of what consists of your day. Then towards the end comes the final hours of day and your left with going to sleep for another day.

The man of self reliance will learn how to teach themselves through training of the mind to think the best way to balance life and the mind. I can offer some suggestions that might benefit the unweary in small steps that may lead to self reliance and balance.

Establish a Routine

A well self disciplined person will become comfortable with days that are neither too easy or too difficult. The point of balance is to set a pace that can be kept steady day in and day out. The point of self discipline is to find the right balance between what is difficult enough to grow each day and still not become lazy and stupid.

When you establish a routine you will find that you can accomplish much in a day that is well constructed and balanced. Perhaps more than traditional standards dictate. Most traditional standards are for weak and lazy people anyways.

Find your grove and learn to hold it. Remember to build growth into each new day and then build upon what you already know to be true while questioning the other knowledge as you see fit.

Take Hard Shots First

If you have things that you know will be difficult, do all you can to prepare for them best you may and take those tasks on early enough to accomplish them when you are fresh and best prepared for them.

Finish everything you start

If you start a project, finish it. Always. If you think the project through and how to do it, then you know it can be completed. If you have taught yourself how to think, this is the easy part. The hard part is to always finish everything you start in a timely fashion. Not everything is a success, but with patience, time, and skill; you can learn to do great work.

Don’t Specialize

Having a basic understanding of general knowledge is important. Understanding the basics and building skills and knowledge upon what you have already acquired is important. If you only know one skill or one trade, you will not be able to easily adapt to change. The important part here to understand is that in having taught yourself to think, you can adapt to change as it comes and be skilled in anything you need to do be successful.

Specialization is for insects. Be aware, learn all you can. The key here is to understand the basic principals that brings about mechanical or logical functions. Know when to use caution for things that are dangerous, know when to be brave to change things for the better when the time comes.

Don’t be a Coward

This can not be stressed enough. There is no use for cowards in this world. Most people wouldn’t stand up for their brother in this world, but the world is also weak people that have lost their own self sufficient ways and are totally dependent of a long chain of other people to be alive. The more self sufficient you are the better you will be successful. One important note here is that a man that pursues peaceful solutions is less a coward than the bully that picks fights. Pursue peace in all that you do and you will find that you have a longer happier life. The way of the warrior is death.

Self Control

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. You have to be a master of yourself in both mental and physical ways. You have to teach yourself how to think, and how to master your own heart and mind. This is not a guide of how to do that, if you need advice on how to do that, seek meditation for long periods of time and find the answer within yourself. Seek balance, seek love; seek kindness. If there is good in all that you plan and do than you will be a man.

Self mastery is important. You have to know how to control yourself when even in difficult times. Seek all that you want from within yourself. Then give what good things you can to those around you. You will find that you acquire the talent and skill to do more than they dream possible.

Learn Self Mastery of yourself. Never fight in anger or rage. Learn how to control those emotions so they don’t control you. Don’t allow situations to control you but how you respond to situations to be what you control.


Lastly, take care of your teeth, your health, and your mind in all that you do. Live life like your on high alert for incoming enemy and be prepared every moment of the day or night for trouble. Then after taking those precautions, enjoy what you can from the life you have. Basically that is a long way of saying this is not a time to be getting drunk or having too much fun. You want to be ready for anything all the time. Don’t think for a second you have the day off to get high. You don’t.

If you fail to take care of your health you will find much unhappiness and pain. Staying drug free and sober is important and will benefit you in all that you do.

A final note, live a creative life. Art, Music, Writing, and creative endeavors will benefit you in the long run with learning important skills and make life better for yourself and others too. It helps to put some beauty back into the life we have, because without it, then life wouldn’t really be worth living in the first place.

A second final note, Don’t spend your time wasting time. Learn to think. The above skills should be the basics minimum that every adult should understand.

Knowing The Path and Walking The Path

Enlightenment an Essay

Finding enlightenment can not be understood through teaching. No matter how many times you read this essay, you will not become enlightened as per se. You may be able to find a path that will lead to enlightenment. The journey is strictly up to you as your own being. That said, take this as you find it as suited to your own tastes.

Most people find thinking a difficult task. Some even feel the act of thinking is painful. Perhaps society has made the very act of thinking so difficult that most people prefer to avoid it all together. I have found that thinking can be painful emotionally and mentally.

To achieve enlightenment requires that one be able to endure a great amount of that kind of pain. The process may be worth while, but why re-invent the wheel if a simple teaching would not solve the problems with the added avoidance of unnecessary pain and suffering?

The problem is that most people are hard headed and without some amount of discomfort and pain they will not be able to experience the essence of the teaching. That said, you understand that mediation is only an exercise in controlling your thoughts and the amount of pain necessary to attain understanding. It’s not the pain that brings the understanding, but the effort that is put forth.


As any athlete would tell you it takes a lot of pain in training to have the endurance of winning a competition or event. Likewise true understanding requires sacrifice of personal self and sacrifice of comfort to attain.

True understanding is common yet unrealized. Many people wonder why they have pain but don’t think of the cause of the pain and only seek comfort to the suffering. But to have true understanding a person would avoid the problem that causes the pain in the first place. So how do you find enlightenment without suffering the pain of thinking painful thoughts?

Well somethings are possible and if you’re an exceptional person you may be able to attain such a feat without suffering more than a mere headache from the effort put forth. Perhaps an extraordinary person could achieve such a feat, perhaps. I know that I would like to save you that pain that I have come to know to arrive at this point. While I may have attained a deeper understanding, and perhaps true enlightenment to a degree. If I can save others from hurting, perhaps there is a way.

No one wants to read everything I have ever talked about or written or said. No one wants the reward without the effort, or that is to say everyone wants the reward without the effort.

Beyond all teachings, there are just a few basic points. Be kind in word and deed without using or resorting to harsh words. Enjoy what you have without feeling the need for always to improve or gain more. A humble person may have less and be more happy than those who are too prideful.

Understanding The Path

Understand simple things and simple principals. Without rushing to conclusions you will find that everyday until the day you die is a learning experience that you can benefit from. With that said, don’t let a day go by that you don’t learn or think something new. May your pain be minimal and your joy be great.

The biggest mistake you can make is to think you are an expert and to rule out every possibility that you don’t agree with in the process. Because true understanding and enlightenment is more than what an expert can understand but less than a common sensible person will do by instinct. Study yourself before you pass judgement on someone else.

Go Buy A Book

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The Story of Valdership

A parable

“Teach me how to think like you think, please.” The college freshman requested of his philosophy teacher. The professor looked for a moment into the sky and said, “I could no more teach you how to think like me, than it would be possible to teach you to think like a baboon.” The boy took a sigh and looked forlorn. The teacher sensing his frustration added, “I could show you how to think for yourself so regardless of what you are you could be a thinking person. That would be much better.”

“Yes please kind sir, that would be a gracious gift.” The professor took a seat and began by speaking about the differences between having thoughts which is common and the difference between controlling your thoughts in a civilized manner.

“The thing to be aware of is when thoughts create emotions.” the professor said in a matter of factly way. For instance lets say that I said something in class that makes you mad, and you stay mad and angry about what i said for three or four days. Then the next time you come to my class, I say something else that makes you mad and you stay angry about that for four or five days. In essence what I have done is psychologically manipulated you into staying angry until you come back to my class, in which time the process starts all over again.

How to Grow

Now a wise person would let go of the anger and learn the lesson from the example instead of staying angry. But the emotional feeling of being angry keeps you from sorting out your thoughts and as long as i keep making you angry then your thinking will not be able to change to learn the lesson. The anger in your heart makes you have more thoughts that in turn fuels more feelings of being angry, thus stoking a cycle of feelings and thoughts that if not stopped will result in your demise.

The truth is it’s no different than what the media of today’s world is doing. It’s designed to keep people stupid and to keep their emotions stirred up to prevent them from thinking a thought through to completion. If you really want to know how to think you have to move from “Just having thoughts.” of the kind that pop into your head to actually thinking thoughts.

That makes sense right?

Well when you explain it in that way, yeah it kind of does.

Generally a persons output matches their input, so if you get bad input then your going to have bad output. It’s like the computer programmers old motto, “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

The difference between us is that one person can learn to understand which is garbage and which is useful bits of information. Always take the good training you get a do better with it, and always remember the bad training you get and don’t do that crap.

Make Good Use Of Your Time!

Please make good use of your time. You are the only person that can do it. If your not getting the results you want, then look at what results you are getting and change what you do until you get the results you want.

Everyone has a limited amount of time. You have to keep trying, keep believing, and dream big. The truth is, no one is going to do it for you. It’s up to each of us to make it right. It’s up to each of us to make it better for the next person that comes along.

What kind of world do you want for the next ten generations? Start today to create the world of your dreams. You will have to get the support of others to make it come true, start today. Think of a plan and get others to support your goals. Maybe they are not just your goals, but everyone’s goals. Find a common shared goal, and work towards that.


I saw the illusion of free will
and sought love and companionship.
Only to suffer torment and pain.

I saw the illusion of death
and sought life despite it.
Only to suffer torment of death.

I saw the illusion of salvation,
and drown in my own blood.
Only to suffer life again.

If you say I have free will is it truth
or illusion? If it’s illusion they could
hurt me anyway they want I would have
no control over it.

But justice in the universe is not blind.
The universe knows my pain,
The universe knows my suffering,
The universe knows who they are.

When the universe whispers into the living God’s
ears the truth of what has been done, heaven
will send family to my aid. Pray it be soon,
for I’m almost dead. And when the wrong possess might
they try to condemn innocent ones to hells fright.

These are things to be remembered.