Self Care

Self Care

This is a brief introduction on how to be happy without really feeling fulfilled. I would like to write the book on how to be both happy and fulfilled but since I have not experienced both I can only write about the former. This is only from having the experience of what not to do.

Life consists of a few basic parts to each day. There are the moments when you awaken from sleep and prepare to face the day. Then comes the bulk of what consists of your day. Then towards the end comes the final hours of day and your left with going to sleep for another day.

The man of self reliance will learn how to teach themselves through training of the mind to think the best way to balance life and the mind. I can offer some suggestions that might benefit the unweary in small steps that may lead to self reliance and balance.

Establish a Routine

A well self disciplined person will become comfortable with days that are neither too easy or too difficult. The point of balance is to set a pace that can be kept steady day in and day out. The point of self discipline is to find the right balance between what is difficult enough to grow each day and still not become lazy and stupid.

When you establish a routine you will find that you can accomplish much in a day that is well constructed and balanced. Perhaps more than traditional standards dictate. Most traditional standards are for weak and lazy people anyways.

Find your grove and learn to hold it. Remember to build growth into each new day and then build upon what you already know to be true while questioning the other knowledge as you see fit.

Take Hard Shots First

If you have things that you know will be difficult, do all you can to prepare for them best you may and take those tasks on early enough to accomplish them when you are fresh and best prepared for them.

Finish everything you start

If you start a project, finish it. Always. If you think the project through and how to do it, then you know it can be completed. If you have taught yourself how to think, this is the easy part. The hard part is to always finish everything you start in a timely fashion. Not everything is a success, but with patience, time, and skill; you can learn to do great work.

Don’t Specialize

Having a basic understanding of general knowledge is important. Understanding the basics and building skills and knowledge upon what you have already acquired is important. If you only know one skill or one trade, you will not be able to easily adapt to change. The important part here to understand is that in having taught yourself to think, you can adapt to change as it comes and be skilled in anything you need to do be successful.

Specialization is for insects. Be aware, learn all you can. The key here is to understand the basic principals that brings about mechanical or logical functions. Know when to use caution for things that are dangerous, know when to be brave to change things for the better when the time comes.

Don’t be a Coward

This can not be stressed enough. There is no use for cowards in this world. Most people wouldn’t stand up for their brother in this world, but the world is also weak people that have lost their own self sufficient ways and are totally dependent of a long chain of other people to be alive. The more self sufficient you are the better you will be successful. One important note here is that a man that pursues peaceful solutions is less a coward than the bully that picks fights. Pursue peace in all that you do and you will find that you have a longer happier life. The way of the warrior is death.

Self Control

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. You have to be a master of yourself in both mental and physical ways. You have to teach yourself how to think, and how to master your own heart and mind. This is not a guide of how to do that, if you need advice on how to do that, seek meditation for long periods of time and find the answer within yourself. Seek balance, seek love; seek kindness. If there is good in all that you plan and do than you will be a man.

Self mastery is important. You have to know how to control yourself when even in difficult times. Seek all that you want from within yourself. Then give what good things you can to those around you. You will find that you acquire the talent and skill to do more than they dream possible.

Learn Self Mastery of yourself. Never fight in anger or rage. Learn how to control those emotions so they don’t control you. Don’t allow situations to control you but how you respond to situations to be what you control.

Lastly, take care of your teeth, your health, and your mind in all that you do. Live life like your on high alert for incoming enemy and be prepared every moment of the day or night for trouble. Then after taking those precautions, enjoy what you can from the life you have. Basically that is a long way of saying this is not a time to be getting drunk or having too much fun. You want to be ready for anything all the time. Don’t think for a second you have the day off to get high. You don’t.

Take Care

If you fail to take care of your health you will find much unhappiness and pain. Staying drug free and sober is important and will benefit you in all that you do.

A final note, live a creative life. Art, Music, Writing, and creative endeavors will benefit you in the long run with learning important skills and make life better for yourself and others too. It helps to put some beauty back into the life we have, because without it, then life wouldn’t really be worth living in the first place.

A second final note, Don’t spend your time wasting time. Learn to think. The above skills should be the basics minimum that every adult should understand.

Things worth investing in

Invest Now

I want to cover a few places that are worth investing either your money or your time. It is never a waste of time to invest in someone else. Failure to invest in others will always result in bad side effects.

One of the best things you can invest in is music. Better than that would be to invest in musical instruments and learning how to play them. You won’t regret your record collection.  Or an iTunes account that is well stocked. It might get you through some tough times.

There are other things that help. Having well stocked pens and paper, always a good idea. Having digital ink in your computer, great idea! You don’t want to be mid-sentence and run out of digital ink.

Your time is your most valuable asset, be careful where you invest your time. It’s estimated that people spend more time watching television that ever going to church in their whole lives. And people wonder what’s wrong with the world today.


Your second best investment you can make in yourself other than music, would be good books. Times may get tough, you never know when a good book might save your life. I know it’s not as much fun as watching tv, but reading makes the imagination work extra time. It’s good for you.

Of course you need more than that, what breaks my heart is that there are people that don’t have the basic necessitates in life that would be fair. Life isn’t fair, I don’t have my health; something i desperately wish i had.

You want to invest in your mind? Stay drug free and sober. It may not look like fun in the beginning, but I assure you it’s better than the bad side effects of living with an addiction the rest of your life.

Invest in your mind, and in our future. Make life better for everyone and create a world that people don’t need drugs and booze to escape from reality. You will find a healthier life, and less pain in the long run.


Individual Refinement

What would you believe? There are ways by which an individual can refine their character and their abilities and their strengths. There are also some very negative things in society which hurt the individual. I want to talk about some of the positive things that can be done. This can be brought about by collective refinement.

There are several kinds of insect that thrive in hive societies.  Some of them are good and some of them require immediate attention. Living in a hive society can be difficult for one that is different in any way. If your in their good graces you can do no wrong.

The hive mind has no tolerance for anyone that does not blindly accept and faithfully believe what they say.  Without regard for any fact, truth, or scientific proof contrary. Please remember to never question anything regardless of how practical it may appear.

Advanced Refinement

In advanced societies there are many methods for keeping tight control of the hive. This may include using oxygen based methods to subvert the mind of anyone strong enough to resist the already carefully placed measures. Individual freedom or individuality is considered a sin and they try to prevent these freedoms. Group freedom is permitted as long as expressed in a group in ways that are accepted by the hive. Chiefly that specialization is necessary for survival and the only method of division.

As a collective hive they only fear others that pose a threat to their operations of gathering weaker beings. In a collective the hive has no way to determine quality or advanced harmony.  Additionally as a hive they see no reason in speaking and seek to communicate using rudimentary waves of known but easily discernible by science.

Any attempt from an individual to establish improved quality or better conditions are met with hostility. Not because the ideas of the individual are wrong. Because they are different than what the hive currently accepts.

The hive often suffers from lack of communication and willingness to work together just before total collapse. At which point there is nothing that can be done to save the hive.

No Solutions

The hive has used toxic psychological methods to remove targets and in the process has targeted it’s entire society. What we are seeing is the collapse of the hive, and the society around the hive.

Self refinement comes from having carefully understand that a good queen in power is better than a million brutes.  If you want to thrive, Arrive. If you want to hive, better behave. Beware kicking the nest; contain and fumigate.

Humble Bliss


Looking For Great!

Desperately seeking brilliant, and extraordinary minds. It seems this world is full of people living in /dev/null. I’m just curious if there are any great minds out there that want to talk about the features built into the universe. If you want humble bliss you won’t find it in a bottle of booze, or from the pharmacy.

It’s been a hell of a ride these forty-two years.  I wish that people understood that the human race and the rat race are not the same. However the human factor plays a major role in the life cycles and development of this planet, and therefor is quite necessary to our survival. If you want humble bliss you will have to seek it yourself.

With that understood, you don’t play either game, the only way to win a no win situation is not to play. If you understand the dice god never played have all been a cosmic joke the universe wanted us to know. Now your in the club, welcome aboard the ride of your life. Humble bliss is like knowing truth, while telling the truth in all you do.

I hope to have made you smile, maybe in the deepest of dark times, there is hidden light that can not be seen.  Only when understood that when you feel it, you express the true nature of what we are meant to be.  Not in human understanding; but in the language of the thinking men that dwell in humble bliss.

The Finer Thought

The Finer Thought

By Edgar A. Guest

How fine it is at night to say:
“I have not wronged a soul to-day.
I have not by a word or deed
In any breast sowed anger’s seed,
Or caused a fellow being pain;
Nor on my crest a stain
That shame has left. In honor’s way,
With head erect, I’ve lived this day.”

When night slips down and day departs
And rest returns to weary hearts,
How fine it is to close the book
Of records for the day, and look
Once more along the traveled mile
And find that all has been worth while;
To say: “In honor I Have toiled;
My plume is spotless and unsoiled.”

Yet cold and stern a man may be
Retaining his integrity;
And he may pass from day to day
A spirit dead, in living clay,
Observing strictly morals, laws,
Yet serving but a selfish cause;
So it is not enough to say:
“I have not stooped to shame to-day!”

It is a finer, nobler thought
When day is done and night has brought
The contemplative hours and sweet,
And rest to weary hearts and feet
If man can stand in truth and say:
“I have been useful here to-day.
Back there is one I chanced to see
With hope newborn because of me.

“This day in honor I Have toiled;
My shining crest is still unsoiled,
But on the mile I leave behind
Is one who says that I was kind;
And someone hums a cheerful song
Because I chanced to come along.”
Sweet rest at night that man shall own
Who has not lived his day alone.

Example With A Point

Something to think about

I want to make a point. To do so I will have to use an example of what is happening so that you will understand my point by applying the example. So take a deep breath, close your eyes for five seconds and then imagine the following.

It’s eleven thirty at night, you get tired and go to bed. You lie awake for half an hour and then fall asleep. You go right into REM sleep and you dream that your in your own house, in your own living room, sitting in your own EZ chair.

Your sitting in your EZ chair, you know your dreaming and your perfectly content to sit in your EZ chair doing nothing full well knowing your dreaming, and that your asleep in your bed. So you sit in your chair and you know that you will wake up if you get out of the chair. The only thing you would have to do to wake up from the dream is get out of the damn chair. But it’s so comfortable.

Time Passes

A long time passes. Your still dreaming in  your EZ chair and asleep in your bed. You don’t want to wake up, so you don’t bother to get up out of the chair. Time passes. Then a long time passes. Then many years have passed. The person you were in the bed sleeping has died. now your sitting in your EZ chair and would go strait to heaven if you got up out of your EZ chair. But it’s so comfortable. You don’t want to get up. A long time passes. Your sitting in your EZ chair and no longer know where your body is.

When you get up this morning; do yourself a favor. Ask yourself if I was about to do what I’m going to do today and it was my last day alive is this really what I want to be doing? Ask yourself and give yourself an honest answer. If the answer is no, then do something about it to change what your doing so you get better results. If you fail to do so, then your going to find yourself in that EZ chair scared shitless because your too chicken shit to get up and wake up.

Did you know me?

Did you even get to know me?

You know people judge a lot. I have to wonder if any of them actually got to know me. If they understood the problems and the trouble in my way? Did you know me, or did you make the mistake of thinking you knew me?

I wish a few more people would take the time to get to know me, and quit judging me for thinking even a little different then you do. Instead of judging me and saying I need to be a better person, why don’t you take the time to really get to know me. To understand the finer texture of my spirit and soul. What you think you know, isn’t all that’s there. Why don’t you ask some questions, or take the time to read my writing.

Try, Try, Try, Did you know me?

You could learn a lot about me from listening to my music, but if you read my writing you would know my mind. That doesn’t mean you would know my soul, but it might be one step closer to understanding me. Isn’t that what friends do for each other? Don’t you try to get to know someone, to know and understand them? There is a difference between “Talking to” someone and “Talking with” someone. Do you know the difference?

I really wish that someone would take the time to get to know me. I want someone to take the time in a judgement free frame of mind to take the time to understand what I’m about, what I believe, and what I feel.

If you take the time to try and get to know me, then if your still not satisfied then we definitely won’t be friends. But if you never try you will never know, and you could be loosing a good friend by being selfish.

Please someone take the time to read my writing, to think about what I’m saying. Take the time to get to know me, my sense of humor, and my fears and whims. If your not willing to do that, then I really don’t want you, capiche?

If you make the decision to be friends with me based upon a coin flip, your a weak shmuck. Take the time, get to know me, did you?

Did you know…

Write Me A Story

Those who say you won’t

Those who say you can’t

Are The Ones Afraid You Will

Did you know…


I have sat at the computer keyboard like a junkie everyday bleeding my heart out onto the computer screen in digital ink. Sometimes it’s more than a man can take. Sometimes it’s more than a god can take.

Did you know

I’m sure there is a plant in the galaxy M-42 that is just as bright as I am, if not smarter. It’s such a big universe and so little time. I’m not sure if I’m every coming back to sol, but If I do; I will be sure to bring a group of misfits that aren’t to be reckoned with.

I have written every thing that could possibly make a difference in my life in one place or another from everything that I could remember or think of or that I could search my sub-consious heart and mind for.

When you understand these are not thoughts from my mind, these are direct messages from my sub-consious self that understand more than most mortal humans will ever imagine. Please be patient with your fellow kin while they try to sort this out.

I understand that many of you have failed to understand what I was talking about. what I meant, or what I was trying to say. I’m sorry, I said it in english and it vexes me now that none of you knew a word I had said. It’s all good, when you learn to read what I wrote, then it will all make sense.

Flip A coin, is that a witch or bitch?

How learning to use a computer can teach you how to think clearly – Drive Fast

Drive Fast

Drive Fast
Drive Fast

The truth of the matter is that learning how to use a computer can increase your ability to think clearly. If you really want to drive fast, learn to think clearly. It can also help you become more creative and help you learn new skills. Throughout your life using a computer that will benefit not only yourself but others too.

I’m not talking about the skills required to use facebook or twitter. I’m talking about real skills in things that require actually reading the screen and doing the right thing.

Once you learn to think, you will find that whole new worlds open up to you. You are no longer held by old ways of thinking. The old way of thinking that keeps you from opening up to new possibilities and potential.

There is nothing worse than being held back by old ways of thinking or doing things that does not contribute to todays society. Too many people have forgotten that being of use is important.

You know to drive fast, you have to have a model that works fast. I will agree that there is nothing better than the slow happy thinker. However if you always stay in the same lane and the same track, are you not just going around in circles all the time? Think about it!

If you keep thinking in circles, then what progress have  you made in two years? What about in twenty years? Wouldn’t it be nice to quit going around in circles in your thoughts and start going in strait lines that actually take you somewhere? Think about that.

Stop going in circles

Drive fast, learn to go in strait lines and quit going in circles. Thank you for listening.

Life explained!

Life explained!

The creative process hasn’t finished yet. Think of it as using a three dimensional printer to make a three dimensional printer. Except the process is doing something else. That’s life explained in the simple terms of it.

If you were going to be building something large and complex, you would naturally want to work on small pieces and do a perfect job while completing each piece with perfection. Then you would move to the next piece that needs done and after the whole process has completed, we would have a finished product that is perfect and fit for a king.

So when I look at life and the process that we are living in, and thinking about what we’re doing with life, the creation process isn’t finished yet. We are just waiting on each piece of the puzzle to be completed in a timely and perfect manner.

It’s not easy, life is tough. What we’re making is going to be done right, the first time, and even if we have to make history repeat itself time and time again to complete the perfect finish on each and every piece we are building.  Then when it’s done it will be done right and be perfect.

Don’t Doubt; Have some faith.

Damn it, I’m smart enough to build it, and patient enough to wait for the process to complete. But damn it I Didn’t do by myself. I had help. when it’s done everyone gets their fair credit and no one will be left behind or forgotten. Everyone will be there and life will be better for everyone when it’s done.

It may be possible if you think about it, to have a being that is old enough and wise enough to have lived a million lives as a human and having all that experience and knowledge and having done it right.  You would wake up with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and enough experience that when real life started you would be not only careful and happy enough to do right. You would be careful enough not to hurt anyone.

If you think about what the lives of a million people on earth would be like and the sadness and gladness from each of those lives and times. You would understand that the combined experiences would make you not only stronger, but a better being in the long run.

The beginning is so important that it can not be left to chance, you have to understand that god doesn’t play dice with the universe. What is being done is being done by The True God for our benefit in the future and the life that we will all have. When the creation process completes everyone will be well aware of the process having finished. It’s not over until it’s done!

Be Aware, Have some Care!

Please be aware, please have a care. Be kind, the cruel life that these people have been putting other people through has been enough shit to fill a dump in hell. Please start being better to other people and start living your life like you mean it for the good of everyone. Add some joy to people’s lives, make someone’s day better. Not talking just a smile, but something that warms their heart and mind and soul.

Please be aware, when it’s finished, it’s really done. It’s not over until it’s done right and everything is complete. So be aware, have a care. Be kind and wait for the process to finish. Everyone will be happy in the end. But the three dimensional printer, you know the wind and rain all do something in the building process. You know God doesn’t make junk, so it’s going to be done right. Just keep being kind and come hell or high water, life will continue until the process is done.

If you think I’m crazy, your right. If you think I’m insane, please check yourself into the nearest hospital. I’m just fine. If your really believe that I’m wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about and that I’m full of shit.  Then you have to read my journals of four point five million words and endure the shit i have had to think, feel, and believe. After that if you still don’t believe me, then fuck you. I wanna see the look on your face when it’s done.

If that doesn’t satisfy your understanding of life, and feel that’s not life explained very well, please consult god for advice.

Does anyone bother to think about life?