Have A Nice Weekend!

Simple Pleasures

Take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Walking on your own two feet, being able to eat a good meal. Take the time to enjoy talking with someone about the very important stuff that matters most to both of you.

You have to live a life you enjoy. It’s got to be something that makes you happy. There are many of life’s simple pleasures that can make you happier than being miserable with the stuff you don’t have.

Success is only possible if God is willing. So What success is God willing to give people? Walks in the forest, or the beach. A stroll through the mountains, or having a nice cup of coffee. Take the time to spend it with someone you care about. If no one cares about you, then spend the time best you may with yourself. You may just get to know yourself a little bit better.

Seriously take the time to enjoy the days and nights. It’s beauty is here for us to enjoy and if your not making the best of it, then you’re obviously complaining far too much and not taking the time to enjoy life’s best pleasures.

I hope you have a nice weekend. I know it doesn’t include myself. And frankly that’s okay. You are all busy living your lives and making the best of it all and you don’t need me to ruin the perfect moment.

But if you are ever in my part of the woods, be sure to look me up.

My Website: 42bitpi.net

You Are Here–> ctopher.me

I do however run another website that is called 42bitpi.net. It’s been around since 2011 and I have spent countless hours working on it. It’s been in  designing it, re-designing it. Then just deleting it more than once. There have been a lot of failures in my designs.

It was having to learn to code for both mobile phones and desktops that finally drove me to having to learn new skills. Design for mobile isn’t my favorite. Trying to design for mobile and desktops takes a lot of the creative things that can be a lot more fun to design out. It’s just not possible to do that on a phone.

I learned this the hard way and drove away a lot of my traffic and my friends support.  When they loaded the website on their phone and it looked like junk. The design I have is just okay, I would have liked to do some more creative things, and have thought about having a different site for mobile altogether.

To be honest I enjoyed doing the work. I don’t have my friends or families support for moving forward. They could care less and say, “Yeah, your one of millions and millions of websites and no one cares.” So what? Like “Yeah what makes you any good?”

I’m Just Like “Huh?”

It is however something that I enjoy and thought I was adding to the beauty of the whole world wide web thing that everyone talks about. But to be honest, I have had to swallow a hard bitter and jagged pill.

At this point I feel the whole internet is dying and nothing will save it. Anyways I have written about my website before you can see the video I made here about the fun I had trying to make version 1.0. I’m on like version 5.0 now.

It’s no better. There is the cool little coin flip thingy, but no one knows what a coin flipper is. They don’t have a clue. They are like, “A what?” You know a web page that flips a coin three times.  And if you get best two out of three that’s the results. Unless of course you get two tails, then it’s still fifty fifty because two quarters are equal to a fifty cent piece . I guess no one really cares what value it has.

It’s my wish that people would take the time to actually (*Gasp*) “Care” about something I have done. If you knew what conditions I Have worked under then you would be impressed. I’m sure of it.

So check out my website: https://www.42bitpi.net


Wrong Entitlement Going Nowhere

Soft And Lazy

Interesting things in life. Until you do something truly difficult then even trivial things seem tough. I think most people miss the opportunity in life because they fear any kind of change or any pain in life.

So what is possible in life?

There are some things you really shouldn’t ever do.

My best advice is that you act out of kindness, compassion, and love. With that said the basics of keeping the Ten Commandments and to avoid anything that would blasphemy others or the grand creator. Those things having been said, what’s right isn’t always popular.

The best you can do for yourself is learn how to think, learn your own form of self mastery and still be kind and honest.


Learn to think. How to identify the difference between feelings and thoughts, and how to control both. Some pain in life is necessary but not to the point that you inflict lasting damage to yourself or others. Life hurts everyone but it can be minimum if you keep control of your heart and mind.

Be brave enough to do some of the things that scare you, but never beyond what your abilities will allow you to do. You don’t start out at the top and go jumping out of airplanes without parachutes on the first day unless that’s how it’s to be done by everyone.

But most people don’t live and they endure this living death that is worse than having done something wrong.

You know everyone falls down, but what matters is getting back up. Do everything you can to build abilities, skill, patience, and a life guided by the force of principles.

You have to not get stuck in the past or living for tomorrow without ever taking some action today that would make it better tomorrow. Life is a cumulative expression of everyday that has passed and what you do today is going to impact what tomorrow is going to be like. So make good choices today and know it’s better to do the kind thing or the difficult thing today so tomorrow is easier for you, and others.

Culture And Kindness

Today’s culture is geared for weakness, mediocre, and below average lifestyles. That’s not living the wonderful gift that our creator has bestowed upon us. Those that encourage you to give up, to sink, to quit, those are not people that have your best interest at heart.

Sometimes it’s important to know when something isn’t ever going to work, but what’s really stopping us from reaching our goals? Sometimes something done by one person wouldn’t be possible but something done as a group with a common shared goal can be accomplished in an acceptable time.

So we have to ask ourselves what the goal really is? If we can make life better for everyone that is a worthy goal. The problem is a lot of people are selfish and care nothing about others. Sometimes we have to work towards having a tough mind and soft hearts.

Work within your skill set and as your skills improve then always work towards tougher goals until you can say you are truly a beginner that has grown old and aged gracefully.

Don’t hurt yourself in ways that bring your quality of life to a living hell. But do make use of the gifts our loving creator has given us.

What’s Best

Help others rise in life. Don’t leave people behind or stuck at the bottom because it hurts everyone in the long run. Everyone has to learn to be at least average. Those that are below average, those people need your help.

If your not doing the best you can, don’t make people sink to your level to be like you. It’s you yourself that has to change and rise up above the level that is expected.

Do not strive to control people beyond what is reasonable, otherwise things get worse for everyone. The goal is to make life better than we found it.

Do nothing that causes a person lasting physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual harm. So in essence always be kind.

You will find through practice that things you once believed to be impossible are not only possible, but very practical. Grow your skill sets and do more than anyone ever dared dream.

Cookie Cutter Aspects

Aspect Ratio

These are raw ideas that need to be developed. Please provide feedback. Thanks.

When photographing a subject, the perspective is everything. So I have spent the last twenty-five years photographing my mind to come to some very important conclusions.

There are things in today’s cookie cutter society that makes everyone a lot alike. There are small differences like which college you went to, or what team you root for on Sundays. But those things are still the product of a cookie cutter thinking.

So I would like to ask the question about what sets us apart? What do I have that makes me stand out more than anyone else or makes me special? I’m the product of a cookie cutter society, so what kind of cookie am I?

Am I round and soft? Am I square and tasteless? Do I have chocolate chips with nuts or just ice caking on the top layer? What sets people apart in today’s cookie cutter world of boxes, squares, and nerds?

Chess Groups or Nerd Groups

You could say that I play chess, but not well. So does that mean I don’t fit in with the chess club? Maybe I excel at irrational thoughts that produce uniformity from chaos?

In today’s world everyone is trying to stand out. But they all fit together. Everyone is the product of a cookie cutter world. So how do they group us together? What makes us stand out or keeps us from being normal? When we are normal what keeps us from being exceptional? Do we need what makes average people exceptional?

Then the question is can you make cookie cutters that make exceptional people? So in todays society why isn’t everyone an exceptional cookie? What’s broken that we don’t have perfect cookies?

This line of reasoning started when I asked someone why I’m still alone and don’t have a girlfriend and don’t have any friends and don’t have anyone to talk with on an ongoing basis.

Some would think that if your not exceptional, your below standard. Oh well a bad cookie; we don’t want to eat that one. But then the cookie feels left out and rejected, and that hurts.

So what really makes people stand out? There are a few things that come to mind. The first is quality. A well balanced and reasonable person that understands as much as humanly possible without being a database of random facts. Some cookie cutters only make Brenda’s and Sams. But how many people want a custom avatar?


A lot of people have taken the body they could get. What about the future when we can have custom avatars? Beyond mods like piercings and tattoos, I’m talking really pro designed custom bodies. Built to speck and made to order.

Still it’s cookie cutters. So what makes someone stand out or sets people apart form others. I look at politicians hair cuts, they have pretty old fashioned barbers that look like people from a hundred years ago. Have we failed to advance as a society in a world of cookie cutters? maybe.

When our clothes are cookies. And our cars are boxes from cookies. Our houses are boxes of cookies. These animal crackers are driving people at large mad.

Mad Cookies

They make boxes to keep your mind in a box to in the end put you in a box and bury you. So what’s the deal? Is anyone awake or listening? Is anyone reading? What are people living like these days. I know how I’m living and I would call it a living death. How are you living better than me?

What are any of us? Do you know what makes you stand out? How are you from what sets you apart from a Brad or Jane? Quality. Performance. Courage. But those things can be from cookie cutters? So how does someone that’s been through a cookie cutter come out different?

What are we? Are humans just forms of AI bots that come from a factory? Are we defined by our entertainment or the job we have? What makes us special? Maybe I only like cookies from the bakery, and some people like store bought cookies?

So what? Who cares? That’s what sets us apart. People that care.


Photo Credit: Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

Is Solitude The Only Solution? Not if you are human.

What Really Matters In Life

Personal Growth is one of the most important aspects to living when you wish to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Everyone seems to be an expert on how to make your life better. By just a few simple habits that when practiced on a daily basis will bring you a better life.

The problem is we have to many lifestyle coaches and not enough people that will do common sense things. Recently I read an article that while it was well written and even thought out very well. It however leaves an empty pit in my mind about what is important.

A happy and fulfilling life is one where your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs are being well met if not above and beyond what is necessary.

It’s not only possible to have your emotional needs met, it’s essential. Having your spiritual needs met can make your emotional needs feel less difficult. And everyone goes through times that are tough, so it’s important to have something to fall back on in the difficult emotional times. Everyone needs to feel their life has special meaning.

What are your real needs?

When ones physical needs are not being met then life begins to decay and it impacts the persons emotional and spiritual needs. But we have to consider these aspects through the proper field of vision to understand them and what is really important.

In matters of personal growth, all the factors have to be addressed. When someone is prevented from having growth in emotional, spiritual, or physical ways; it harms them. It can often harm them in ways that are very difficult to repair.

People are addicted to distractions. They are constantly totally addicted to not spending time with themselves. People today are going from one distraction to the next without listening to darn thing anyone really says.

The real problem today is that people don’t listen to each other. They are so distracted with their feelings and the thoughts those feelings create. With this endless feedback cycle they can not hear a word someone else has to say.

The problem is not technology. It’s not that the world is so connected that people no longer can have self control and function. The problem is that their expectations for what is reasonable is broken.

Dive Deeper

People have become so shallow and superficial that they no longer have deep meaningful conversations about life. Everything is about what is on the surface. And on the surface is just dross scum that doesn’t want anything deeper than talk about the weather.

The other problem is that people that are well in touch and connected with themselves seem illogical to people that are lost in today’s feedback loops of the heart and mind.

Those who are in touch with themselves seem far too different than those who are out of touch with themselves. We need to address these issues that people are so judgmental that they can not accept anyone being as broken as they are to stay alive.

Again, the problem isn’t with technology. It’s what and how people communicate. And what their expectations are for how they feel. People are no longer thinking, they are only feeling. When someone no longer thinks, then they can not be reasoned with because their feelings are becoming illogical. They have no way to communicate how they feel, and we need compassion for them to sort it out.

How To Change

When a being becomes a logical well reasoned and in touch with themselves then chaos and confusion seem to vanish. It becomes self evident truth that speaks to us, not the noise of what they want us to believe.

Those people that only rely upon their feelings to communicate seem like wild animals that are a danger to the rational mind.

So while being connected is good, if that connection means being away from other people that will spend physical time with you. Then you are going to feel the effects of being more isolated. Then life starts going from one dopamine rush to the next waiting for the fix that makes you feel connected again.

The solutions start in our families. With our friends, and with people that we want to reach. What is sad is when within our own social groups that when we reach out for help that the calls go unanswered. People today will try to down-play your problems as if they are not important. The key to success here is not to make small problems big ones, and always keep the small ones to yourself. Learn to deal with small problems, and only ask for help for the big stuff.

This is the biggest problem, people are dying for help and connection and for someone to listen to them. When we ask for help; no one does anything but say, “I wish that I could help you, but there is nothing I can do to make it better.”

Do Better Everyday

The real problem is everyone has pity on their lips but none in their hearts. Problems like this have to change for the better. When people reach out everyone is either too busy. Or has their own set of problems that they want to deal with and anyone else’s problems are trivial compared to their own.

The only way to stop this madness is to start giving back to others in ways that make them feel needed and useful. To bring back the feeling of physical connection, emotional connections, and spiritual connections.

Instead of trying to condemn everyone, reach out for your own personal growth and learn something new. Learn all you can about yourself as a person. Get to know yourself better than ever before. When you have mastered that, then always do maintenance in keeping what you believe in good repair.

Don’t be selfish in doing things only for yourself. Help others likewise to come to understand and think. If you teach a robot what to think, not how to think, it will live it’s whole life believing it’s not programmed from the start.

Sand In Your Socks

Live Your Life

Do all things with love. It lasts longer. The works of hate are going to fade, rot, and be worn out rags in two years. But the stuff that’s done in love, that has lasting value. Some of these poets have been writing their hate in ink; when they should have been etching their hatred into the sand.

I’m tired. Most of the time my feelings are hurt, mostly because of my poor physical health. It seems no one cares that my teeth are rotting out my skull and broken and fractured at the gum lines. It doesn’t matter at this point, it’s too late to make it right with me. You can only hope that I forgive you all before my next life. I hope that they will at least try to make it up to me.

Take care of yourself. Don’t put things off until it’s too late. Good preventive medicine is better than two pounds of the cure. There are things people have done to make it worse. People don’t care anymore; today’s culture is about hate. It seems to be candy everyone wants. Well you want some nice solid food that will fuel your love. Send me love letters.

This picture was really brought to BOUNCE with photoshop. It’s just watercolor with sand in it, and using a piece of plastic to scape the sand and paint around with it. First mix the sand and watercolor. Mix up real good, add water and then scrape it around. Your results may very.

I’m trying to do a little everyday, as the feelings of hurt and pains I have are enough that simple things are difficult. I’m getting around, but not well.

Stay Tuned

Tomorrows post will be fashion advice.

Creative Ice

Hot as Fire or Cold as Ice?

Creative fires burn hot, to keep the pace you need fuel. Sometimes our creative fires get put on ice to calm the storms. Sometimes the creative ice fuels the storms.

I’m really looking for some good feedback about the feel of my work as a whole. I want to know how this work makes you feel as a person? I want to know how this work, my Instagram account, my twitter feed, my blog, and my website make you feel as a being. Does it warm your heart or leave you with blocks of ice?

How could I improve and make things better? What feel would be needed to make you feel better? In my work I have been attempting to inspire and help others grow. Sometimes that means having to endure a slight amount of discomfort to be able to learn from my lessons.

But my question is, are they too uncomfortable to bear? Does it need to be softer and more gentile or can you handle what I’m saying? Does it need to be tougher so that you will understand, is it too soft and gentile? Take some time and read my work, think through it; and let me know how you feel about it.

Here are A few highlights from my blog

An Important Truth

The Mind

The Difference

While these may not be the most joyful to read, they may be the most important. There is however some joy to be found here if you look for it. I don’t know if my writing makes you cringe or if people just aren’t interested in reading. Sometimes I wonder if people know how to use a computer. I have my doubts. In the seventy-six blog posts I have made, I have had more attempts to hack my account than readers. It’s kinda sad.

Take a look around, have a look at my twitter feed, my instagram, and my website. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Preferably via email, which is the best way to reach me. Thanks!


Self Reliance, New beginnings, and old worn out excuses.

Self Reliance

It’s important to be self reliant. It’s also important to have groups of like minded people that work together to help everyone within the group. When people in a group are scattered and not allowed to be with like minded people, it causes a problem in society. There starts to be holes and gaps in life that doesn’t work for everyone.

When someone asks someone in a different group for help, and that group is unwilling to help the other group, then you have a case of discrimination. The question is do we respect differences of individuality and self expression? Maybe within our own groups we accept the small differences, and really there is nothing wrong with being like minded.

To each their own. Groups form. Groups break apart. New groups form and replace the old groups that went away. Voids are bad and can be fatal if not worked to be corrected.

Should there be only one form of uniformity?

If I were to ask you for help, and you didn’t want to help me because I have blue hair, would that be fair? What if everyone had blue hair, and someone else had blonde hair? Would you help them and not yourselves? Or would you only help yourselves and leave the other person to die a horrible death? Would you even care?

The real issue isn’t about what color their hair is. The question is whether you would give a damn? In today’s stoic society, most people don’t give a damn if you walk down the street bleeding to death and die on the sidewalk. It’s not their son or daughter, and to be honest no one gives a shit.

People only help you when it’s in their best interest to help you. When people feel threatened or abused, they go into fight or flight responses. So because no one will help me, and they expect me to pick myself up from my bootstraps, because helping me isn’t in their best interest, and because every-time I try to help myself get better, someone comes along and sabotages my efforts and treats them as worthless. They won’t let me form a group of like minded people that would help me, and they keep me isolated and alone, so that they can ensure my failure. And their success.

Why does it have to be win/lose? Why is it that the situation can not be win / win? do they really have to break someone and put someone down to make themselves feel better? Then the next question is why do they have to put me down to make themselves feel better?

What makes you happy?

If as humans they only measure their success based on how happy they feel, then they can be drug addicts, drunks, and sit as mindless zombies while stoned. That’s the ultimate happiness is how they feel and not having problems to deal with.

My efforts to make life a better place, to be kinder, more understanding, and more loving has been ignored; Maybe I should only help myself and my kind.

Maybe we should stop making old worn out excuses, and start helping everyone equally?


The point I’m trying to make was made by Darius Foroux in his article “Always be Useful.” You can read his very carefully prepared version here on Medium.

Always Be Useful

How to go from having thoughts to thinking


How to go from having thoughts to actually controlling your thoughts. Instead of having thoughts, it’s better if you can make a logical line of reason to follow through a course.

Since emotions can be tied to thoughts, someone that can evoke a thought can make you have an emotional response to that thought.

The reasoning of animals, insects, and people today is group think. Group feelings. Everyone feels good about feeling bad about feeling good about having done something wrong.

By keeping people so emotionally wrapped up that they can not sort out their thoughts, it keeps people from getting more intelligent. The whole process is to keep people stupid.

Get Smarter

The problems with today’s world is that the media is controlling people’s thinking, which is controlling their emotions. People are being manipulated into feeling the way our whole society is feeling.

The only way to think strait is to take your emotions out of the equation. The only real emotion you should have is compassion and un-conditional love. They stir your emotions to keep you from thinking strait.

If you limit your input to stimuli than you can begin to control your thoughts in ways that allow you to control your emotions. Which in turn will allow you to sort your thoughts out and become a reasonable human being that goes from having thoughts to thinking. This allows you greater self mastery and control of your own being that isn’t being mass hypnotized by the media into believing that something is a certain way.

You have to develop the strength to have self mastery of your emotions, your thinking, and your physical abilities. Think about what self mastery means to you.

We can not always control the situations around us, we can however control our response to them. If your thoughts trigger an emotional response then your not in control of yourself as much as you would like to be. It’s important to be in control of one’s own self to the likes that nothing is going to bother you. This however doesn’t mean that one allows themselves to be pushed around, bullied, or taken advantage of.

The differences between having thoughts and thinking is that you have awareness and mindfulness of your thoughts. Thoughts come and go, beware of holding onto any thought for too long. This is especially true of thoughts that make you have emotions. Because then the whole cycle starts back up again.

Do Better

Perhaps the only way to limit these things is to control your social circle and limit the media’s influence upon your mind.

There is no success or failure. Those two imposters will both take you for a ride you don’t want. There is only the moment, in living life and being present. How you make other people feel is important and matters, you don’t want to be the person that abuses and takes advantage of others, and at the same time you don’t want to be abused and taken advantage of.

This requires that one doesn’t want beyond what is practical in life. To be content with a little and happy when their is abundance. But a truly intelligent society makes all it’s inhabitants equal. With everyone having something that they are good at. And many can be good at much. A wise society is one that cares for all it’s people in ways that no one feels left behind, forgotten, or alienated from society.

A wise society is one that has no poor in it’s midst, especially when all can have plenty. If your human, than that unites you with your fellow man, being that your all human. Beware of divisions that make you feel that someone isn’t good enough. Time and situations make all humans fall from high.

The Ultimate Selfie

The Ultimate

It’s the year twenty eighteen. The world is in chaos, people aren’t able to make ends meet, they can not agree on what to eat for supper much less who should be president. Everyone is an expert, which basically means that everyone has reduced all the possibilities to such a narrow ledge they are all about to fall off a cliff and never question why.

Everyone wants equal rights, without equal work or effort. everyone wants to be special without actually being special. Everyone is so sensitive that a cross look and someone might kill themselves.

I would like to put a stop to this madness. I would like the whole fucking farce to end. I want it to end like a long drop with a sudden stop. My favorite fashion designer killed herself today, leaving a note. What about the rest of us? We’re left here to try and make the world a better place and pick up the pieces in ways that no one will understand.

Please Use Your Brain

Most of these people that rely upon government, or religion, or some other crutch of booze and drugs are but children. Like very spoiled bratty children that are all control freaks and want everyone to address them as queen bee.

Most of them couldn’t do half of what I have in the last twenty years and still be breathing with a pulse. You know everyone hates narcissists, they don’t really know why, but i do.. most of them are destructive and only care about themselves, using cruel methods of lies and false flattery to gain temporary gains that will wear out in two weeks and fall flat only to prey upon another victim with just as cruel tactics.

I want to talk about another kind of narcissist. Those who are self respecting people that care deeply about themselves and others. Those who don’t judge people and show everyone the same amount of respect until the person actually does something deserving of having lost their respect.

There are some rare breeds in this world. There are a few that are one in a hundred, then there are the ones that are one in ten thousand.

I want to tell a story. Something that if everyone had life would be simpler. Something everyone wishes they had. This is my story.

Chapter One
By the way…

Sitting on the beach with my wife in the beautiful Caribbean with the perfect sea and the scent of tropics in the air. The beach is deserted, it’s just us.

“Amber, should we take a swim?” I ask her without looking up from the view before me. “Oh I guess we could swim, would it be more fun with some heavy weights so we can dive deeper?” she asks looking down at me as if i what i was seeing was heaven whispering in my ears that it was time to play.

We suit up in the wet suits and put ten pounds on the belt so we can dive to twenty feet. We swim for half an hour before reaching the point where we can dive down. “I’m bonkers for you, you know that right?” “of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way..”

Talking About It

Sometimes when we talk we get lost in who said what, sometimes it’s like talking with yourself in just thinking a thought and knowing the answer. As we both know everything that each other knows already there are no secrets from ourselves. There would be no way to keep a secret from ourselves. You tell one of us anything and we both know it. Instantly. This can be very useful when dealing with non-native people who don’t know us.

Technically we are one person, it just happens to be that we share two bodies in which we are married to each other. I’m the guy and amber is the girl. Alex and Amber. Two of a kind.

We swim out and dive down deep. she chases me down, and i hold my breath while she takes photos of us swimming like dolphins. It’s great. you couldn’t beat it with selfie stick and a thousand dives in your world.

When we swim back to the shore and dry off. clothes are sticky, it’s better to be naked under those wet suits. less rub and rashes. we spend the better half of the afternoon just watching the view. We have no special place to be, nothing special to be doing. The real fun will be tonight anyways.

Time passes. . .

You have to wonder what it would be like? To be both a boy and a girl in two bodies with one self awareness. To be married to each other and have adventures that no one would ever understand but each other. To have a secret between the two of us that never leaves our minds. To be playful and fun, without being a stick in the mud. If we both feel the same, whatever were doing is always perfect because that is what were doing right then.

Feeling playful, have fun and play. Feeling down today, take a day off. cycles come and go. It’s more fun than being alone when there is two of you. Being male and female simultaneously has it’s perks. But that’s not the part you wouldn’t believe. Try touching your hand with your hand. it’s like nothing you have ever known.


This story was written on June 5, 2018

Copyright © 2018 Ctopher

Read This!!!!!

Drinking Sapphire Wine

Hey Here are some idea’s for those of us who are tired of the ways of being locked into something we don’t like. The idea itself is nothing new, however I want to bring it back to the light for all of us to think about.

What if we could choose any body, sex, and options with something simple like a reboot of our soul without having to die, or give birth or something stupid.

What if we wanted to be male. No problem. What if we wanted to be female? no problem. We could choose our looks, makeup, and styles unique to each of us without having to die, take it up the butt or pay for it with the blood another war?

We Want Peace

The book that brings this thinking to light is called, “Don’t Bite The Sun” by Tanith Lee. It’s a great idea, could be made so everyone can have one mind and soul without loosing our memories, thoughts, or spirit.

We want a better world where the software works with the hardware, not the dumb shit we got now. Sure it should be real, however it’s got to be worth having for our generation, for our future, and for our loved ones.

Death and suicide would be a thing of the past and we could live with a currency that paying was just watching enough tv for thirty seconds. Why not?

Love What is Possible and Think Free

I have been trying to get people to think, to use their minds, and to be more creative; many of my efforts have failed and this is my goal to reach the minds and hearts of those that can dream for something that is within our reach. The problem is that they won’t let us live, and that is reason to not let them rule.

Please share this message and send it to those who will wake up and start thinking what could be possible and how we could be living and leave this war, violence, and their greed to die with this world.


Knowing The Path and Walking The Path

Enlightenment an Essay

Finding enlightenment can not be understood through teaching. No matter how many times you read this essay, you will not become enlightened as per se. You may be able to find a path that will lead to enlightenment. The journey is strictly up to you as your own being. That said, take this as you find it as suited to your own tastes.

Most people find thinking a difficult task. Some even feel the act of thinking is painful. Perhaps society has made the very act of thinking so difficult that most people prefer to avoid it all together. I have found that thinking can be painful emotionally and mentally.

To achieve enlightenment requires that one be able to endure a great amount of that kind of pain. The process may be worth while, but why re-invent the wheel if a simple teaching would not solve the problems with the added avoidance of unnecessary pain and suffering?

The problem is that most people are hard headed and without some amount of discomfort and pain they will not be able to experience the essence of the teaching. That said, you understand that mediation is only an exercise in controlling your thoughts and the amount of pain necessary to attain understanding. It’s not the pain that brings the understanding, but the effort that is put forth.


As any athlete would tell you it takes a lot of pain in training to have the endurance of winning a competition or event. Likewise true understanding requires sacrifice of personal self and sacrifice of comfort to attain.

True understanding is common yet unrealized. Many people wonder why they have pain but don’t think of the cause of the pain and only seek comfort to the suffering. But to have true understanding a person would avoid the problem that causes the pain in the first place. So how do you find enlightenment without suffering the pain of thinking painful thoughts?

Well somethings are possible and if you’re an exceptional person you may be able to attain such a feat without suffering more than a mere headache from the effort put forth. Perhaps an extraordinary person could achieve such a feat, perhaps. I know that I would like to save you that pain that I have come to know to arrive at this point. While I may have attained a deeper understanding, and perhaps true enlightenment to a degree. If I can save others from hurting, perhaps there is a way.

No one wants to read everything I have ever talked about or written or said. No one wants the reward without the effort, or that is to say everyone wants the reward without the effort.

Beyond all teachings, there are just a few basic points. Be kind in word and deed without using or resorting to harsh words. Enjoy what you have without feeling the need for always to improve or gain more. A humble person may have less and be more happy than those who are too prideful.

Understanding The Path

Understand simple things and simple principals. Without rushing to conclusions you will find that everyday until the day you die is a learning experience that you can benefit from. With that said, don’t let a day go by that you don’t learn or think something new. May your pain be minimal and your joy be great.

The biggest mistake you can make is to think you are an expert and to rule out every possibility that you don’t agree with in the process. Because true understanding and enlightenment is more than what an expert can understand but less than a common sensible person will do by instinct. Study yourself before you pass judgement on someone else.

The Story of Valdership

A parable

“Teach me how to think like you think, please.” The college freshman requested of his philosophy teacher. The professor looked for a moment into the sky and said, “I could no more teach you how to think like me, than it would be possible to teach you to think like a baboon.” The boy took a sigh and looked forlorn. The teacher sensing his frustration added, “I could show you how to think for yourself so regardless of what you are you could be a thinking person. That would be much better.”

“Yes please kind sir, that would be a gracious gift.” The professor took a seat and began by speaking about the differences between having thoughts which is common and the difference between controlling your thoughts in a civilized manner.

“The thing to be aware of is when thoughts create emotions.” the professor said in a matter of factly way. For instance lets say that I said something in class that makes you mad, and you stay mad and angry about what i said for three or four days. Then the next time you come to my class, I say something else that makes you mad and you stay angry about that for four or five days. In essence what I have done is psychologically manipulated you into staying angry until you come back to my class, in which time the process starts all over again.

How to Grow

Now a wise person would let go of the anger and learn the lesson from the example instead of staying angry. But the emotional feeling of being angry keeps you from sorting out your thoughts and as long as i keep making you angry then your thinking will not be able to change to learn the lesson. The anger in your heart makes you have more thoughts that in turn fuels more feelings of being angry, thus stoking a cycle of feelings and thoughts that if not stopped will result in your demise.

The truth is it’s no different than what the media of today’s world is doing. It’s designed to keep people stupid and to keep their emotions stirred up to prevent them from thinking a thought through to completion. If you really want to know how to think you have to move from “Just having thoughts.” of the kind that pop into your head to actually thinking thoughts.

That makes sense right?

Well when you explain it in that way, yeah it kind of does.

Generally a persons output matches their input, so if you get bad input then your going to have bad output. It’s like the computer programmers old motto, “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

The difference between us is that one person can learn to understand which is garbage and which is useful bits of information. Always take the good training you get a do better with it, and always remember the bad training you get and don’t do that crap.

Make Good Use Of Your Time!

Please make good use of your time. You are the only person that can do it. If your not getting the results you want, then look at what results you are getting and change what you do until you get the results you want.

Everyone has a limited amount of time. You have to keep trying, keep believing, and dream big. The truth is, no one is going to do it for you. It’s up to each of us to make it right. It’s up to each of us to make it better for the next person that comes along.

What kind of world do you want for the next ten generations? Start today to create the world of your dreams. You will have to get the support of others to make it come true, start today. Think of a plan and get others to support your goals. Maybe they are not just your goals, but everyone’s goals. Find a common shared goal, and work towards that.

in the spirit of beowulf

From across the oceans upon stormy waters arrived the men of fame. The legendary tronwolf introduced himself saying, “We are geeks, programmers from old, we have come from the grid to rid your land of a monster.” the wise king replied, “How can you rid our land of these windows?”

Tronwolf replied, “We shall go through the matrix and fight them at their source.” The king thought about these words a long time before saying, “Tis certain doom to enter the matrix from here, even for a hero.”

Tronwolf from the fold in his armor brings forth an install disk and says, “We’ve brought with us the installer for Macintosh OS X, behold!”

The great and mighty king could have cried from joy that a hero has come from the grid to rid his land of the monster windows. “Oh tronwolf, should you purge our lands from this monster, you shall be remembered always as a hero.”

Tronwolf replied, “Tis not fame we seek, nor your gold, if we die it shall be for glory.”



I saw the illusion of free will
and sought love and companionship.
Only to suffer torment and pain.

I saw the illusion of death
and sought life despite it.
Only to suffer torment of death.

I saw the illusion of salvation,
and drown in my own blood.
Only to suffer life again.

If you say I have free will is it truth
or illusion? If it’s illusion they could
hurt me anyway they want I would have
no control over it.

But justice in the universe is not blind.
The universe knows my pain,
The universe knows my suffering,
The universe knows who they are.

When the universe whispers into the living God’s
ears the truth of what has been done, heaven
will send family to my aid. Pray it be soon,
for I’m almost dead. And when the wrong possess might
they try to condemn innocent ones to hells fright.

These are things to be remembered.

Thinking and Feeling


When learning your way through your heart and mind, there is one thing that will change your life. To quote the famous philosopher, Aristotle. He said:

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

This is really true when searching for your life goals and meaning in your life. You must learn how to separate your thoughts from your emotions.

If you have an emotional response to every thought then you will be very frustrated. However if you can have the thoughts and deal with them one at a time while not allowing every one of them effect your emotions, then you have reached maturity.

Heart mind conflict:

Sometimes you have to go through a long process of thinking everything through without letting it all upset you. Sure you can think anything, be brave enough to do so. Just don’t accept everything you think, and better yet; don’t let everything you think effect your heart.

The mind and heart are separate. Too many people confuse everything that think with an emotion. This is simply not healthy. If you want to be happy you have to let your heart feel love and joy. What your brain does doesn’t have anything to do with your heart.


Please be aware, this is in no way to say you should think bad thoughts. That is up to your own morals and what you feel is right or wrong. This is only to say that you should be open to all the good possibilities that are available. Your morals determine what you think is right or wrong to think. Please use good judgement.

Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

I want to say thank you to those of you whom have been here for me. To those that dared to create, to live, those that inspired others to think, to dream, and be free.

After having approached a major turning point in my life, I find that I have to thank those who did above and beyond exceptional. My life had changed some fifteen years ago, and now five hundred million seconds later; I take my learning to do something new.

I hope to create, free from distractions, with the courage to dream what has not be done before. To those who have come this far, you are amazing.

If your in doubt, please read the manual. Otherwise if you have no fears, feel satisfied and content; by all means carry on without having read it.

I hope that your next five hundred million seconds are filled with wonderful kindness, creativity, and creative genius that inspires others around us to dare.

If your not doing the best you can, start today with the things that you can change. Having the right frame of mind, having the patience, skill, and love; those things are possible. You can do it, you can make it work! Don’t give up. The process may take a few years, you have the time to work towards what you want. Go for it!