Creative Thoughts… The Fire of Hope!

New Life

After having a close encounter with death I have come to see new purpose and meaning to my life, in the hopes that others will benifit from words before there is no longer hope, maybe you will listen to reason?

I have found that life has no more meaning than we really understand. There are however some deep thoughts we can share along the way. If you make art, or sing, or dance, or inspire someone else; maybe you have tuned someone else’s heart strings for a day that has worn on the mile shared and left a happy song in the heart of another.

There is no finer thing than to have been looking back on the day that you have traveled and to share that you have been useful here today. That through your journey you haven’t hurt anyone, but that you were also useful to others in ways that without your efforts the world would not be as happy.

Hope in the future

So sing your song, there is hope that we can all have a better future through the random acts of kindness that knowing that even a smile or a nod in passing might have changed the mind of someone who is hurting or feels alone, or feels lonely in the world of people that seems to grown so selfish that we are forgetting to feed the starving dog at our masters gates.

We know from experience that William Blake said, “The starving dog at his masters gate predicts the ruin of the state.” If we would take care of our responsibilities in ways that we quite making everyone else someone else’s problem then we can understand that our actions have long term effects on the future and everyone has to step up their game for us to all be happy.

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