Sand In Your Socks

Live Your Life

Do all things with love. It lasts longer. The works of hate are going to fade, rot, and be worn out rags in two years. But the stuff that’s done in love, that has lasting value. Some of these poets have been writing their hate in ink; when they should have been etching their hatred into the sand.

I’m tired. Most of the time my feelings are hurt, mostly because of my poor physical health. It seems no one cares that my teeth are rotting out my skull and broken and fractured at the gum lines. It doesn’t matter at this point, it’s too late to make it right with me. You can only hope that I forgive you all before my next life. I hope that they will at least try to make it up to me.

Take care of yourself. Don’t put things off until it’s too late. Good preventive medicine is better than two pounds of the cure. There are things people have done to make it worse. People don’t care anymore; today’s culture is about hate. It seems to be candy everyone wants. Well you want some nice solid food that will fuel your love. Send me love letters.

This picture was really brought to BOUNCE with photoshop. It’s just watercolor with sand in it, and using a piece of plastic to scape the sand and paint around with it. First mix the sand and watercolor. Mix up real good, add water and then scrape it around. Your results may very.

I’m trying to do a little everyday, as the feelings of hurt and pains I have are enough that simple things are difficult. I’m getting around, but not well.

Stay Tuned

Tomorrows post will be fashion advice.

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