Photography Experience

I have almost twenty-five years experience in photography, it is a creative passion of mine that has brought me a great deal of enjoyment and peace of mind.

I like to create photographs for other people and do what I can to inspire others. The creative work I have done for myself is only expressions of what is around me and the opportunities I have had while just being present in my life. I’m sure there are some things that have been missed, sometimes the best photos are the ones you hold in your heart and mind.

Over the years there have been many failures and successes. At first the failures were quite devastating and were very difficult to recover from. However after years of experience the failures have become fewer and I have changed my attitude towards each one of them into something positive.

By learning from my mistakes, there is opportunity for growth and to gain new experiences. Those are positive things that anyone can use to get better.

Over the years I have done many exciting photography projects. A few of the opportunities include photographing SpeedWay Motorcycle racing in California as the official track photographer and having done some portraits for Radio show talk hosts.

Current Projects

Some of my current projects have included photographing custom jewelry and events for people that needed memories to remember the times that were.

I want to take portraits of creative people for their use in promoting themselves and show a depth and creative edge that they can stand out and truly shine. If your interested in seeing my work, and discussing your needs, feel free to contact me to start the process of meeting your needs.

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