Individual Refinement

What would you believe? There are ways by which an individual can refine their character and their abilities and their strengths. There are also some very negative things in society which hurt the individual. I want to talk about some of the positive things that can be done. This can be brought about by collective refinement.

There are several kinds of insect that thrive in hive societies.  Some of them are good and some of them require immediate attention. Living in a hive society can be difficult for one that is different in any way. If your in their good graces you can do no wrong.

The hive mind has no tolerance for anyone that does not blindly accept and faithfully believe what they say.  Without regard for any fact, truth, or scientific proof contrary. Please remember to never question anything regardless of how practical it may appear.

Advanced Refinement

In advanced societies there are many methods for keeping tight control of the hive. This may include using oxygen based methods to subvert the mind of anyone strong enough to resist the already carefully placed measures. Individual freedom or individuality is considered a sin and they try to prevent these freedoms. Group freedom is permitted as long as expressed in a group in ways that are accepted by the hive. Chiefly that specialization is necessary for survival and the only method of division.

As a collective hive they only fear others that pose a threat to their operations of gathering weaker beings. In a collective the hive has no way to determine quality or advanced harmony.  Additionally as a hive they see no reason in speaking and seek to communicate using rudimentary waves of known but easily discernible by science.

Any attempt from an individual to establish improved quality or better conditions are met with hostility. Not because the ideas of the individual are wrong. Because they are different than what the hive currently accepts.

The hive often suffers from lack of communication and willingness to work together just before total collapse. At which point there is nothing that can be done to save the hive.

No Solutions

The hive has used toxic psychological methods to remove targets and in the process has targeted it’s entire society. What we are seeing is the collapse of the hive, and the society around the hive.

Self refinement comes from having carefully understand that a good queen in power is better than a million brutes.  If you want to thrive, Arrive. If you want to hive, better behave. Beware kicking the nest; contain and fumigate.

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