Where I came from… Carbon Based Life Form!

Carbon Based Life Form

No I’m not from some other planet, I’m home grown carbon based life form. I do however have some interesting takes on music, art, and life. You can hear one of my songs here on soundcloud. Check it out.



Carbon Based Sounds

If you think life is boring, then your not living life to the full extent that is possible. We could be having so much fun, Keep the music alive, sing and have some fun. There are more possibilities that we can imagine, life is here for our dreams and for our taking. Dare to imagine a life that you dream of today.



This music was written when I was in the throws of the worst years of my life in despair, pain, and feeling tortured by life. At least something came out of it and from it; and the sounds have brought me from there to here.

There not all bad days, and sometimes you can make a bad one a good one. Carbon based life forms are not just human, we need to accept that there is other life on this planet and respect the creation and the life around us.

If you are still unsure of your choices, then please have a look at this link where you can flip a coin until your mind spins like a top. Coin Flip

I’m bored with writing for myself, I do however need to write for the fish that still have an attention span longer than a goldfish.


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