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A Zombie Like Me

I want to tell a story. It’s a short story about my life that details some of the things I have been through. Some of my thinking in this book is harsh. To properly understand the thinking that went into the writing, one would have to understand the kind of treatment I have had to endure to get to here.

This book is kinda sad. I know that my mortal family will strongly protest the way they feel they are portrayed. However there are more important things in life, like making my spiritual parents proud of me.

These are some idea to think about, while the true teaching is not found in the writing that I have constructed, it will give you something to think about regarding what kind of world we are making for the people that live here.

My point is that it’s a revolution of the mind that is going to have to change our present system of things that leaves no other choices but to make life better for everyone long term.

The World Sucks

The cruelty in this world is sick. We want to make the world a kinder place for all of us to live. If you think it wouldn’t be you that suffers these kinds of things, it’s only because it hasn’t happened to you yet.

There is good reason to head the warning. We all have to understand that better is possible and that if we are not willing to do something about it, then your going to get bad results.

Please keep an open mind when reading this. A lot of the ideas and things I say seem harsh and maybe downright cruel. They are however said because the way life has been is not acceptable and we all need better solutions to our problems.

Please read my story, but imagine that it’s you that this has been done to. Because it is what was done long ago to you already and you just don’t remember it. We have to stop this from happening to everyone, before it’s too late.

I am making the short version of my autobiography available online. This is to start making people want to think about life, to live their life. The goal is to create a better world for all of us.

The short version makes some important points about what really matters, the issues of life that we are all facing in today’s world. When the problems with the stress and pain that we are all hurting from will simply go away.

Come Home

I know that I’m not the only one that these things have been done to. The point is to make conditions better for everyone in the long run. If we can learn to think and make changes for the better we can make life kind again.

When people think about more than what I have written and understand the deeper meanings of my work, then maybe the world will stop being in chaos.

Christopher Thomas’s autobiography has the scoop on all the dirty secrets that they don’t want you to know. Don’t be left behind in knowing the truth. It’s time we start to become reasonable people that settle our differences in peaceful ways.

This underground account of my life will leave you in tears, to think that this could have been done to your loved ones and that they could get away with it.

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