Humble Bliss

Looking For Great!

Desperately seeking brilliant, and extraordinary minds. It seems this world is full of people living in /dev/null. I’m just curious if there are any great minds out there that want to talk about the features built into the universe. If you want humble bliss you won’t find it in a bottle of booze, or from the pharmacy.

It’s been a hell of a ride these forty-two years.  I wish that people understood that the human race and the rat race are not the same. However the human factor plays a major role in the life cycles and development of this planet, and therefor is quite necessary to our survival. If you want humble bliss you will have to seek it yourself.

With that understood, you don’t play either game, the only way to win a no win situation is not to play. If you understand the dice god never played have all been a cosmic joke the universe wanted us to know. Now your in the club, welcome aboard the ride of your life. Humble bliss is like knowing truth, while telling the truth in all you do.

I hope to have made you smile, maybe in the deepest of dark times, there is hidden light that can not be seen.  Only when understood that when you feel it, you express the true nature of what we are meant to be.  Not in human understanding; but in the language of the thinking men that dwell in humble bliss.

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