Self Care

Self Care

This is a brief introduction on how to be happy without really feeling fulfilled. I would like to write the book on how to be both happy and fulfilled but since I have not experienced both I can only write about the former. This is only from having the experience of what not to do.

Life consists of a few basic parts to each day. There are the moments when you awaken from sleep and prepare to face the day. Then comes the bulk of what consists of your day. Then towards the end comes the final hours of day and your left with going to sleep for another day.

The man of self reliance will learn how to teach themselves through training of the mind to think the best way to balance life and the mind. I can offer some suggestions that might benefit the unweary in small steps that may lead to self reliance and balance.

Establish a Routine

A well self disciplined person will become comfortable with days that are neither too easy or too difficult. The point of balance is to set a pace that can be kept steady day in and day out. The point of self discipline is to find the right balance between what is difficult enough to grow each day and still not become lazy and stupid.

When you establish a routine you will find that you can accomplish much in a day that is well constructed and balanced. Perhaps more than traditional standards dictate. Most traditional standards are for weak and lazy people anyways.

Find your grove and learn to hold it. Remember to build growth into each new day and then build upon what you already know to be true while questioning the other knowledge as you see fit.

Take Hard Shots First

If you have things that you know will be difficult, do all you can to prepare for them best you may and take those tasks on early enough to accomplish them when you are fresh and best prepared for them.

Finish everything you start

If you start a project, finish it. Always. If you think the project through and how to do it, then you know it can be completed. If you have taught yourself how to think, this is the easy part. The hard part is to always finish everything you start in a timely fashion. Not everything is a success, but with patience, time, and skill; you can learn to do great work.

Don’t Specialize

Having a basic understanding of general knowledge is important. Understanding the basics and building skills and knowledge upon what you have already acquired is important. If you only know one skill or one trade, you will not be able to easily adapt to change. The important part here to understand is that in having taught yourself to think, you can adapt to change as it comes and be skilled in anything you need to do be successful.

Specialization is for insects. Be aware, learn all you can. The key here is to understand the basic principals that brings about mechanical or logical functions. Know when to use caution for things that are dangerous, know when to be brave to change things for the better when the time comes.

Don’t be a Coward

This can not be stressed enough. There is no use for cowards in this world. Most people wouldn’t stand up for their brother in this world, but the world is also weak people that have lost their own self sufficient ways and are totally dependent of a long chain of other people to be alive. The more self sufficient you are the better you will be successful. One important note here is that a man that pursues peaceful solutions is less a coward than the bully that picks fights. Pursue peace in all that you do and you will find that you have a longer happier life. The way of the warrior is death.

Self Control

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. You have to be a master of yourself in both mental and physical ways. You have to teach yourself how to think, and how to master your own heart and mind. This is not a guide of how to do that, if you need advice on how to do that, seek meditation for long periods of time and find the answer within yourself. Seek balance, seek love; seek kindness. If there is good in all that you plan and do than you will be a man.

Self mastery is important. You have to know how to control yourself when even in difficult times. Seek all that you want from within yourself. Then give what good things you can to those around you. You will find that you acquire the talent and skill to do more than they dream possible.

Learn Self Mastery of yourself. Never fight in anger or rage. Learn how to control those emotions so they don’t control you. Don’t allow situations to control you but how you respond to situations to be what you control.

Lastly, take care of your teeth, your health, and your mind in all that you do. Live life like your on high alert for incoming enemy and be prepared every moment of the day or night for trouble. Then after taking those precautions, enjoy what you can from the life you have. Basically that is a long way of saying this is not a time to be getting drunk or having too much fun. You want to be ready for anything all the time. Don’t think for a second you have the day off to get high. You don’t.

Take Care

If you fail to take care of your health you will find much unhappiness and pain. Staying drug free and sober is important and will benefit you in all that you do.

A final note, live a creative life. Art, Music, Writing, and creative endeavors will benefit you in the long run with learning important skills and make life better for yourself and others too. It helps to put some beauty back into the life we have, because without it, then life wouldn’t really be worth living in the first place.

A second final note, Don’t spend your time wasting time. Learn to think. The above skills should be the basics minimum that every adult should understand.

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