Starting out new…

Wake Up!

It’s time to wake up the sleeper. I was the sleeper and now I dream a new dream. My dream is of a new world of kindness, a new world of love without hate. In a world where we could be anything we all should work towards being kind.

In a world that has far too much hate. There are too many people that haven’t listened to the voice of reason and logic. I want you to dream with me. I want you to create with me; a new world so wonderful that not only is no life lost, we have a world that everyone has enough.

If we can make the passing of greed a thing of the past, then we can have a world where progress is no longer counted by a dollar sign. In the human factor by which the value of the inhabitants are measured by their ability to be free and honest.

To start, we must all learn to forgive. Then start new with new songs, with new creative dreams that not only inspire, but give hope to those who are repressed. There is hope that we may not be able to have a better past. We can however have a better future with the whole world to have life that is worth having.


All I ask is that you dream with me, that war will be a thing of the past and that we can have a future of our dreams. Not the dream of when we are sleeping but the dreams we’re all made of like the star dust we come from. We are all stars and we all can dream of life like never thought before.

Just imagine what we could have and dream that it’s possible.

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