Things worth investing in

Invest Now

I want to cover a few places that are worth investing either your money or your time. It is never a waste of time to invest in someone else. Failure to invest in others will always result in bad side effects.

One of the best things you can invest in is music. Better than that would be to invest in musical instruments and learning how to play them. You won’t regret your record collection. ¬†Or an iTunes account that is well stocked. It might get you through some tough times.

There are other things that help. Having well stocked pens and paper, always a good idea. Having digital ink in your computer, great idea! You don’t want to be mid-sentence and run out of digital ink.

Your time is your most valuable asset, be careful where you invest your time. It’s estimated that people spend more time watching television that ever going to church in their whole lives. And people wonder what’s wrong with the world today.


Your second best investment you can make in yourself other than music, would be good books. Times may get tough, you never know when a good book might save your life. I know it’s not as much fun as watching tv, but reading makes the imagination work extra time. It’s good for you.

Of course you need more than that, what breaks my heart is that there are people that don’t have the basic necessitates in life that would be fair. Life isn’t fair, I don’t have my health; something i desperately wish i had.

You want to invest in your mind? Stay drug free and sober. It may not look like fun in the beginning, but I assure you it’s better than the bad side effects of living with an addiction the rest of your life.

Invest in your mind, and in our future. Make life better for everyone and create a world that people don’t need drugs and booze to escape from reality. You will find a healthier life, and less pain in the long run.

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