I just want to share some of my experience that went into building my website. Even though it’s not done yet, and there is still a lot of work to be done. I made this funny little video for people to maybe have a laugh. If you have ever built a website you know that I’m joking about a few things. All in good humor.

Video shown doesn't reflect current website.


This video isn’t great, But I did do the main music for the video.

Set the marker or fail forward

I had really hoped to have found more success through my efforts than what I have already seen. It’s not too late for more, it’s just getting tough to keep my motivation from going out the window in building something that no one will ever really take a look at. Maybe I’m wasting my life, and maybe my time?

Please take a look, send me a message, and have some fun. Flip a coin, or take the time to read my short stories. You never know what you might learn.

Tell me how to grow what I’m working on into something better. I want to do a lot better and develop something that works for telling my story and sharing my work. It’s all interconnected in some way or another. There has to be a way to share my story with people that will connect with me and understand the unique challenges that I have been through.


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