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Photography As Gifts

There are all kinds of things in this world that bring joy and happiness to other people. It can be small things like a card or a gift note, or the bigger things like fancy perfume. You know you can give original photos as gifts also. It helps support artists and makes a nice gift.

I want to talk about giving photographs as gifts. There is something about giving artwork to others that has long term subtle effects on others. Our living space is important, and having nicely decorated living space makes a world of difference.

There is also something with having a piece of artwork that grows on you over years of time. Sometimes the real significance doesn’t come from your first viewing of a piece of artwork, but only after many years of having looked at it and seeing the artists true vision.

Maybe they did something that isn’t at first obvious. Maybe it has some small imperfection that you didn’t notice at first. Either way there will always be something that you notice about a work of art only after many years of having looked at it.

Free is good!

Your friends will notice, your family will notice. Until you have lived with a piece of work for many years you find that it grows on you and that you see it different after having been friends with it for many years.

I hope to have my photography displayed. Well now you have the opportunity to. I am giving one of my beach photos to anyone and everyone that wants a free copy. There is no catch, it’s a free download and you don’t have to provide an email address or any personal information. Giving photos as gifts is good for artists.

There are some rules about the photograph that I hope people will respect. They are listed on the download page. These are just common sense things that will make how people obtain the photograph within fair use from my perspective. When giving photos as gifts please respect the artists wishes when using them.

Please note: The download slightly differs from the image shown.

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