Telling Stories; People Matter

You Too!

After having given it a lot of thought, my feelings are that I want to tell other people’s stories. To be able to write their  experiences. And share them in a way that gives people hope and encouragement. I would like to start by doing interviews with people that have had struggles or difficulties in life. To not only focus on that but how they overcame them or learned to deal with their problems in a positive way.

Everyone has a story of their life, I think people should be given a chance to share their experience and the positive outcomes that came from it. I’m not here to add to the pity party of self destructive people. I’m here to help people rise above it and be successful.

Work In Progress

If you want your story told or have something you would like to share then by all means contact me and I will review your story. I would like to hear from you.

It’s my goal to tell your story in a positive and upbuilding way that brings the heart of the matters to light and shows that doing the right things even in difficult situations is the best things to be doing.

In focus what I want to write about is people that are creating in any medium that has required growth. To feature those building talent, those that have worked on their craft day after day. Even through failures to reach a point that they have found happiness and success regardless of how popular they are.

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