Value: A Photo’s Worth

Your Photography…

Don’t judge how good your photos are by the number of views they get or the number of favorites a photo may have. The idea is that you don’t get so wrapped up in getting views that you forget your passion and art.

It’s true, it’s nice to be noticed and recognized for your work, but don’t place a pictures value on how many people like it or see it. Maybe you haven’t been discovered yet?

The important thing is to keep shooting and keep making new work that is creative and inspiring. If you focus on your work, the number of views and favorites will take care of themselves.

Sure you should take steps to make sure people see your work, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important. The important things is creating and sharing your work. If you really want to be creative find ways to make your photographs make other people’s lives better.

Process From Feedback

If anything always try to get feedback from people about what you could be doing better or where your weak points are. Focus on that and turn a deaf ear to flattery and praise that is in excess. Think about why your really doing your work and why you want to continue, find your why and your passion will fuel you towards doing great work. Just don’t give up. Everyone has some setbacks and failures. Learn from them, grow from them; they say time and patience are two of the greatest warriors.

Don’t lose sight of what really matters, keep creating because you want to. Keep going because you have passion for what your doing. Keep things in the correct perspective and do what you love. If your doing the best you can be, then that is all that matters.

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