Losing Your Mind

Life on Rails

Broken Dreams

Broken dreams don’t make a person lose their mind. If you think your losing your mind, perhaps stress. Perhaps pain, maybe too many years of isolation. Broken dreams don’t hurt. Why should they. Just because you put everything in your heart and soul into something that doesn’t work out, why should that be difficult. Maybe it’s just my ego that wants freedom from the cycle of life?

It seems no one cares, and the truth of the matter is no one does. People only care about themselves. If I could offer solutions for how they could solve their problems, then they would all be interested. Perhaps I have such a solution, but to share such information would require that someone listen.

The problem is until I have an answer for people’s most difficult problems they simply aren’t going to be wise enough to listen now. Which is sad, because if they would listen now, the future could be prevented in advance and they would be able to fix what’s wrong before it becomes a problem.

You think? Or do you think your losing your mind?

Which came first the solution to the problem or the problem itself? Maybe the problem is by design and they only want us to believe that the problem exists so they can fix it later and take all the credit? Hmm… You could figure it out.

Think Your Losing your mind? Wait until AI makes all the programming.

Maybe if your not thinking, then you really are losing your mind. Have you stopped to consider the facts. Thinking is equal to having a mind that is in good shape, and not thinking is equal to having lost your mind. Think about it.

What is truth? If I knew, maybe then I could help you solve your problems and make life better for everyone? Maybe I would give it away for free? The world is dangerously close to having lost it’s mind.


Bucket List

Bucket List

Life Goals – Bucket List

  1. To inspire ten people to do more with their life than I did with mine.
  2. To inspire ten people to write three books of at least 45,000 words each.
  3. Inspire people to master a skill, then add to what they know!
  4. To die without any money but wealthy in terms of love and respect from friends and family.
  5. To change the course of human history from destruction to a path of kindness and love. To promote peace as a sustainable means to the end.
  6. Teach others how to use a computer for creative and productive ways that makes their lives better.
  7. To teach a group of people how to think, not what to think.
  8. Make some music
  9. Take ten thousand more photographs
  10. Make life better for everyone.
  11. Never watch commercial TV again.
  12. Tell people what I really think.
  13. Burn the midnight ether.

Things accomplished:

  1. have a family
  2. have friends
  3. have a girlfriend
  4. have a job
  5. travel to Florida
  6. write a million words (4,880,040 Done)
  7. Have an art show for my photographs
  8. Take a thousand photographs
  9. Listen to 10,000 hours of music in two years
  10. Live 1,000,000,000 seconds
  11. Wrote three books
  12. Smoked 120,200 cigarettes
  13. Avoid Alcohol and drugs seven years sober without 1 drink.
  14. Learn to think
  15. Practice peace
  16. Took my own self portrait
  17. Took someone else’s portrait
  18. Learned Unix
  19. Learned Apple Computers and software
  20. Know life is worth living despite hardships
  21. Lived through hell on earth
  22. Had a dog
  23. Thought more than I spoke and listened more than I replied.

Must READ!!

Something everyone needs to understand NOW!

  1. If you never try, you will never be successful. ever!! not ever!!
  2. If you make a habit of failing, you will always fail.
  3. If you make a habit of being successful you have potential to be successful and can be more.
  • Success is not the teacher, failure is.
  • However if you never try, you will never ever be successful.

Please get out of your comfort zone’s and start doing something with your life, with yourself, and for others that helps everyone. If you give up now, then why did you come so far to quit here? Why, because it’s tough, or it’s hard, or you think you can’t do it? Start thinking you can and you might! But if you believe you never will you really and truly won’t!!

Do you understand?

If your going to practice failure for the sake of being a failure, your below average and fodder for zombies. Either help others to reach their potential or do no harm to those who are trying to rise above.

Otherwise, why else are you alive? Are you food for worms? Please Wake up!

Before it’s too late! We have the potential to make life better for everyone. Please realize you are more than you believe and could be great too. Please realize that you have potential and possibilities inside you. Please understand that you don’t have to be lazy and superficial to survive in this world.


My Photography


I want to talk about my photography for a minute here on my blog. It’s something that has gotten me through some really tough times. Although I’m not well known or famous from my work, it has brought a small amount of light back into a dim world.

I hope that you will understand that it’s something that I do for myself to see what can be done. I would like to be doing a lot more of what I feel is important work going forward into the future. However with current constraints upon my mind and body; there is only limited hope.

If you find that your unhappy and feeling a bit blue, try taking the camera out and take some photos. It’s really true, you don’t get good from anything but practice and experience. I have worked for over twenty-five years to apply myself in everything I could photograph.


Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of photography. Start really searching out to see what something will look like when you take a photograph. You will get a feel for what angle and what place to position yourself just from knowing and understanding what something when photographed will look like.

Don’t give up. There are a lot of failures going down any road. You have to be willing to keep the light alive, and dream, while seeing each failure as one more block in the progress of becoming good.

Be willing to make the long term commitment to doing something for yourself that your future self will thank you for. Keep your health in good shape, take care of yourself, and be cool with other people.

Don’t forget it’s just a skill, there are more skills you can add to your list. Once you have mastered this one, you have to be willing to take the next one too. Believe in the impossible and dream with your eyes open.


You can see my Flickr photos here.

The Long Road

The Long Road

This is my collection of short stories that I have compiled over about ten years. These were written for myself in the process of learning to write and experiment with different ideas that I felt matter to myself.

I don’t want to set your expectations too high. I would rather tell you this book is junk and have you get more than you would believe than tell you this book is great.

This book was written while I was learning to write. I’m still learning. It’s a process that won’t really ever end. I believe the creation process will end, and everyone will have a final product that is worth having. It just takes a very long time, hence The Long Road.

The Long Road is a collection of short stories that are not really connected, yet have some similar themes and ideas that run through them.

READ The Long Road Today!

There are characters that are doing something real, they have deeper thoughts than just what is accepted as the norm. I leave many of the stories unfinished at this time, and leave the endings up to your imagination and own creativity to what happens.

If you can think these stories through and consider what I am saying, GREAT! If you want shallow entertainment that is all fun, please look elsewhere.

Many of you won’t like this book. Okay. Great. I’m willing to bet at some point you will change your mind.

Not every book written should be read. Maybe there is a select few that will understand my mind, until then keep dreaming and thinking free. See you somewhere down the long road.

Thoughts So Far

Some of My Thoughts

After a few years of working towards some basic goals. I wanted to share some of my basic thoughts so far with others that they might benefit from. It seems there has to be a master plan to build something good. However you will find better success in things that you build with a team of people. If your team has  been dedicated and shared their passion into making something great.

It seems that anything that you do of your own accord will be met with limited success and perhaps none at all. To really get something going, requires buy in from other people in your social circle’s. It helps if you have at least ten people that will not only read your content. It also greatly helps if they will share your content with other people on social media platforms. What are my thoughts so far? Read on my friend.

Thoughts So Far About Drifting In Space

Does it seem every time you figure the game out, they change the rules. It’s no different. As it’s been said many times before, “Of course the game is rigged, but if you don’t play you can’t win.”

I don’t know if I’m tired of playing or just ready to do some other direction that is more nature based.  Some of my thoughts are that I have put my heart, mind, and soul into working these things out.  Still no one cares or could give even the slightest care about what matters to me. I’m starting to wonder how to motivate people into starting to care.

Ask Around

It seems that I have very few friends in this world, and even fewer people that believe in me as a person, or as a being that I’m of value or have something of value to offer to others. Maybe the problem is that I’m so far ahead of my time, that it’s going to be a while before people start to understand my stand and positioning in life. That could be very true, more true than I would care to admit. My thoughts so far, maybe it’s time to stop doing research and do something real.



I just want to share some of my experience that went into building my website. Even though it’s not done yet, and there is still a lot of work to be done. I made this funny little video for people to maybe have a laugh. If you have ever built a website you know that I’m joking about a few things. All in good humor.

Video shown doesn't reflect current website.


This video isn’t great, But I did do the main music for the video.

Set the marker or fail forward

I had really hoped to have found more success through my efforts than what I have already seen. It’s not too late for more, it’s just getting tough to keep my motivation from going out the window in building something that no one will ever really take a look at. Maybe I’m wasting my life, and maybe my time?

Please take a look, send me a message, and have some fun. Flip a coin, or take the time to read my short stories. You never know what you might learn.


Tell me how to grow what I’m working on into something better. I want to do a lot better and develop something that works for telling my story and sharing my work. It’s all interconnected in some way or another. There has to be a way to share my story with people that will connect with me and understand the unique challenges that I have been through.


Ideas On Art

Ideas On Art

Here are some very basic rudimentary ideas on art and what I feel about making art as a process from 2015. Not that anyone will ever care, or even bother to listen to this video, but it’s worth a try.

You have to understand that when your doing all you can just to stay afloat, then the daily stuff is just fluff. I want to talk about not just the importance of making art, but the importance of feeling content with being alive just to create.

If you don’t have a curious mind, or a curious heart, life is going to get awful dull someday.  Your going to wish that you understood something more than just paying the bills and having oxygen to breath.

Sometimes there are plenty of things to get you through the day.  Other times it’s only by God’s saving grace that we can get through one more. They aren’t all bad days, it is however worth knowing that you are worthy of life.  That you have value, and that you have something that only you can do.

With all of that said, here is an old video of my ideas on art that is for you to look at. I’m in better and worse shape now then when this video was made, but my looks aren’t what is at stake.


Note To Future Self

Be kind, Love With Everything You Got

In a cruel world, where kindness is a forgotten art; it can cure a sick heart. You have to believe the power of your heart and mind is greater than the sick hate roaming the world ‘oer. I have walked upon hill and gully, both from happier times and the depths ‘o hell. It’s better if you can forgive, and your stronger in the long run if you can keep them from hurting you in the first place.

Do no harm, find ways to place hate behind you and love before your eyes. Not the love of lust, or power; but the love of goodness. When there is good in all you plan and do, then you will find your a worthy man.

Give freely, take no more than you need. A tree planted today will be food and shade for your future generations. Respect your universe, it’s creator, and the programmer who can replace you with a very small shell script.

I beg you go into the arts. The revenge business doesn’t pay like love in the future will. Sometimes you just gotta walk away, remember the poem by Kipling, (*if*) . neither woman nor drink, will fix it. You can’t drown pain of debt to god in the ocean. But If you could match his blue shade for shade, you might make an impression. Don’t try to copy an original, it makes for bad business.

Swim like you could fly, and fly like a fish swims.

Photo Post

I’m trying to put some light back in an already dim world. I hope this picture will pick your socks up and do the laundry. Let me know if you find the dish soap, I hid it where no one would look. I’m bored with my life, myself, and the worry about the future. Going to have to leave it in gods hands.


Blue Angle