Thinking Art, Is There More?

Thinking is an art

I have spent the last seventeen years in deep thought of consideration of all that my life could encompass and have found that there is so much more to life than can ever be contained in just four million words.

It’s better to have a short perfect teaching than a long complex one. However the study of life, the universe, and everything can be overwhelming and more complex than a battery of carbon in the ether of space.

We have found that after having searched my heart, mind, soul, and the galaxy; We only know that everything will change and yet we can have firm hope in the future and faith that creative people will understand at first.

We want to share some interesting links with you, first there is the link the Jedi knight order, which you can see here:

There is also the greater need to respect our universe and it’s creator, you can see some basic guidelines for respecting your universe from this link:

You can search the universe for truth or you can search the universe for lies, you however will not be able to argue with the truth when it’s finally time for everyone to know God.

Where I came from… Carbon Based Life Form!

Carbon Based Life Form

No I’m not from some other planet, I’m home grown carbon based life form. I do however have some interesting takes on music, art, and life. You can hear one of my songs here on soundcloud. Check it out.



Carbon Based Sounds

If you think life is boring, then your not living life to the full extent that is possible. We could be having so much fun, Keep the music alive, sing and have some fun. There are more possibilities that we can imagine, life is here for our dreams and for our taking. Dare to imagine a life that you dream of today.



This music was written when I was in the throws of the worst years of my life in despair, pain, and feeling tortured by life. At least something came out of it and from it; and the sounds have brought me from there to here.

There not all bad days, and sometimes you can make a bad one a good one. Carbon based life forms are not just human, we need to accept that there is other life on this planet and respect the creation and the life around us.

If you are still unsure of your choices, then please have a look at this link where you can flip a coin until your mind spins like a top. Coin Flip

I’m bored with writing for myself, I do however need to write for the fish that still have an attention span longer than a goldfish.


Creative Thoughts… The Fire of Hope!

Dream it!

New Life

After having a close encounter with death I have come to see new purpose and meaning to my life, in the hopes that others will benifit from words before there is no longer hope, maybe you will listen to reason?

I have found that life has no more meaning than we really understand. There are however some deep thoughts we can share along the way. If you make art, or sing, or dance, or inspire someone else; maybe you have tuned someone else’s heart strings for a day that has worn on the mile shared and left a happy song in the heart of another.

There is no finer thing than to have been looking back on the day that you have traveled and to share that you have been useful here today. That through your journey you haven’t hurt anyone, but that you were also useful to others in ways that without your efforts the world would not be as happy.

Hope in the future

So sing your song, there is hope that we can all have a better future through the random acts of kindness that knowing that even a smile or a nod in passing might have changed the mind of someone who is hurting or feels alone, or feels lonely in the world of people that seems to grown so selfish that we are forgetting to feed the starving dog at our masters gates.

We know from experience that William Blake said, “The starving dog at his masters gate predicts the ruin of the state.” If we would take care of our responsibilities in ways that we quite making everyone else someone else’s problem then we can understand that our actions have long term effects on the future and everyone has to step up their game for us to all be happy.

Starting out new…

Wake Up!

It’s time to wake up the sleeper. I was the sleeper and now I dream a new dream. My dream is of a new world of kindness, a new world of love without hate. In a world where we could be anything we all should work towards being kind.

In a world that has far too much hate. There are too many people that haven’t listened to the voice of reason and logic. I want you to dream with me. I want you to create with me; a new world so wonderful that not only is no life lost, we have a world that everyone has enough.

If we can make the passing of greed a thing of the past, then we can have a world where progress is no longer counted by a dollar sign. In the human factor by which the value of the inhabitants are measured by their ability to be free and honest.

To start, we must all learn to forgive. Then start new with new songs, with new creative dreams that not only inspire, but give hope to those who are repressed. There is hope that we may not be able to have a better past. We can however have a better future with the whole world to have life that is worth having.


All I ask is that you dream with me, that war will be a thing of the past and that we can have a future of our dreams. Not the dream of when we are sleeping but the dreams we’re all made of like the star dust we come from. We are all stars and we all can dream of life like never thought before.

Just imagine what we could have and dream that it’s possible.

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