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You know what you want? Are you strong emotionally in ways that day to day life doesn’t get under your skin? Have nerves of steel that you know you can do anything while still being kind?

We should talk, you may find that if those are things you want, with a positive upbuilding life that is creative, fun, and free; we have some common goals.

If you love music, but hate the television, believe that you want everyday to be better than the day before, and are working towards building trust, skills, and talent, we’re a match.

If you want a life, a real life that is lived like an adventure that will never get old, lets think, dream, listen to the wind, see the stars and do more than just exist. If you want to make an impact in the universe, if you want to support my efforts to make something real that is better for everyone, apply with this form to see if we want to date.



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