Wrong Entitlement Going Nowhere

Soft And Lazy

Interesting things in life. Until you do something truly difficult then even trivial things seem tough. I think most people miss the opportunity in life because they fear any kind of change or any pain in life.

So what is possible in life?

There are some things you really shouldn’t ever do.

My best advice is that you act out of kindness, compassion, and love. With that said the basics of keeping the Ten Commandments and to avoid anything that would blasphemy others or the grand creator. Those things having been said, what’s right isn’t always popular.

The best you can do for yourself is learn how to think, learn your own form of self mastery and still be kind and honest.


Learn to think. How to identify the difference between feelings and thoughts, and how to control both. Some pain in life is necessary but not to the point that you inflict lasting damage to yourself or others. Life hurts everyone but it can be minimum if you keep control of your heart and mind.

Be brave enough to do some of the things that scare you, but never beyond what your abilities will allow you to do. You don’t start out at the top and go jumping out of airplanes without parachutes on the first day unless that’s how it’s to be done by everyone.

But most people don’t live and they endure this living death that is worse than having done something wrong.

You know everyone falls down, but what matters is getting back up. Do everything you can to build abilities, skill, patience, and a life guided by the force of principles.

You have to not get stuck in the past or living for tomorrow without ever taking some action today that would make it better tomorrow. Life is a cumulative expression of everyday that has passed and what you do today is going to impact what tomorrow is going to be like. So make good choices today and know it’s better to do the kind thing or the difficult thing today so tomorrow is easier for you, and others.

Culture And Kindness

Today’s culture is geared for weakness, mediocre, and below average lifestyles. That’s not living the wonderful gift that our creator has bestowed upon us. Those that encourage you to give up, to sink, to quit, those are not people that have your best interest at heart.

Sometimes it’s important to know when something isn’t ever going to work, but what’s really stopping us from reaching our goals? Sometimes something done by one person wouldn’t be possible but something done as a group with a common shared goal can be accomplished in an acceptable time.

So we have to ask ourselves what the goal really is? If we can make life better for everyone that is a worthy goal. The problem is a lot of people are selfish and care nothing about others. Sometimes we have to work towards having a tough mind and soft hearts.

Work within your skill set and as your skills improve then always work towards tougher goals until you can say you are truly a beginner that has grown old and aged gracefully.

Don’t hurt yourself in ways that bring your quality of life to a living hell. But do make use of the gifts our loving creator has given us.

What’s Best

Help others rise in life. Don’t leave people behind or stuck at the bottom because it hurts everyone in the long run. Everyone has to learn to be at least average. Those that are below average, those people need your help.

If your not doing the best you can, don’t make people sink to your level to be like you. It’s you yourself that has to change and rise up above the level that is expected.

Do not strive to control people beyond what is reasonable, otherwise things get worse for everyone. The goal is to make life better than we found it.

Do nothing that causes a person lasting physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual harm. So in essence always be kind.

You will find through practice that things you once believed to be impossible are not only possible, but very practical. Grow your skill sets and do more than anyone ever dared dream.

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